Tiktok marketing part 3

Tiktok marketing part 3
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Advertising Services

Teaching online business
Shopee Ads (5 million/month)
Advertise Lazada (5 million/month)
Advertising Tiki (5 million/month)
Sendo Ads (5 million/month)
TikTok Ads (3 million/month)
Facebook Ads (4 million/1 month)
Instagram Ads (4 million/1 month)
Advertising Zalo  (4 million/ 1 month)
Adwords Advertising (2 million/month)
Google Remarketing Ads Following (5 million/month)
Google Banner Ads (5 million/month)
Youtube Ads (3 million/month)
Advertising Forum (2.5 million/month)
Web Design (2 million/web)
Forum design (3 million/Forum)
SEO webKeyword SEO (4 million/2 months)
SEO Map map (4 million/phrase)
Google Map Ads
Increase Like Fanpage (1.5 million/1,000 likes)
Increase Livestream sharing
Increase personal Facebook follow
SEO Youtube channel (5 million/month/ create 26 video clips/increase 500 Subscribers)
Increase following Youtube channel (5 million/3,000 subscribers)
Increase 4,000 hours watching Youtube channel (3 million)
Software to stalk customers on Google : 1 million
Web SEO software
Software to copy articles
Online business system
Email Marketing (2.5 million/100k emails)
Marketing staff for hire (4.5 million/month)
Hire advertising staff  (5 million/month)
+ Lease order closing staff  (5-7 million/month/morning or evening shift)
Hire staff to call customers  (5 million/month/200KH – 8 million/month/400KH)
Optimizing Shopee storeLazadaTikiSendo : 4 million/tk
+ Receive Design logos, banners nice and cheap
+ Photography service (6 million/8 hours)
Filming service (6 million/8 hours)
Video clip editing service
fanpage care service
Standard SEO article writing service
+ Hire models, singers, actors
+ Studio room for rent for photography : 500k / 4 hours (including equipment such as: computer, printer for script printing, air conditioner, sofa + table and white background wall), If renting for 8 hours, the price is 800k.

How to contact TikTok

Currently, Tiktok does not have a representative office in Vietnam, so the fastest way to contact Tiktok is through an advertising company Close the order, if you need advice on advertising support, please call 0917450205 immediately to contact us. .

Run Tiktok ads to increase traffic visit website

What to watch out for when running off-platform ads from TikTok? First, you need to distinguish the link formats when running ads that pull traffics outside the platform. Each platform like Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Sendo, Fanpage, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, Website, Zalo, Telegram… will have different types of links

Regular off-platform links:

Normal link: is type link we often see in the browser bar of shopee/Lazada. The feature of this type of link when running traffics ads from Tiktok is very high, about 88%. Because when the user clicks on the ad, it will load in the browser of the platform, which takes a lot of work to open via the app.

chay quang cao ngoai san tu tiktok luu y gi.webp

Universal Link: is type link is most often seen in Affiliate links, affiliate marketing of shopee/Lazada. The advantage of this type of link is to provide quite detailed clicks, orders, revenue … from the floor itself. However, the downside is that it takes two operations to open via app .

Deep link: Effects Its too obvious that when the user clicks, the ad will open directly into the app (just one touch). It can be dragged directly to a shop page or a specific product.

Tiktok ad account.

Currently on the market there are two types ad accounts Tiktok. Those are personal accounts and agency accounts. Only an agency account can give you new features like running Deep link.

See more: Adwords ads, tiktok ads, Advertise Tiktok Shop, SEO website, SEO keywords, Youtube Ads, Instagram ads, Zalo Ads, Seo Google, SMS message advertising, Email Marketing Services, Advertisement of a forum forum,…

Ad format.

Tiktok now offers a lot of ad-supported features help push users/sales to e-commerce platforms. A professional advertiser should try to develop these forms of advertising such as:

  • Advertise traffics to develop the number of users who know the shop. Take advantage of add-on features like Deep link, Collection Ads, Display cards to generate higher landing page clicks. And remember every advertising activity takes time, budget spending to a certain boiling point. If you are in a hurry or testing with too little budget. Be careful with your advice. You won’t get any results.


  • Optimal advertising that converts catalog sales. After the run time to create brand identity, test the content, target and get the file from the previous advertising activity. It’s time for you to take advantage of this advertising objective to be able to measure conversions on the floor from Tiktok Ads.

Tactic of running to pull traffics from Tiktok outside the platform is effective.

The first thing to implement an effective off-platform campaign is to go from the root, your shop on the floor must be complete and optimal. The booth must be beautifully decorated, arranged with all kinds of promotional codes  increasing tracking, incentives, flash sale…

Especially products that pull from the right platform There are purchases, reviews and ratings. The number of SKUs or product links in the shop must be at least 20. Full set of combos for better overall single line pull.

After the above basic steps, you can refer to it 3 strategies to push traffics beyond your basic platform.

– Stick to the Sale CampaignSale Campaign of the floor 7/7 , 8/8 , 9/9 … Run 5-7 days before the exchange’s sale days to resonate with the floor’s own advertising campaigns .

don vi quang cao tiktok hieu qua.webp

– Create your own Brand Day separate 7-10 days from the sale date of the floor. Run before 5-7 days. To keep the pace of selling for my shop on my floor. Do not let after the big sale drop the order and depend on the campaign of the floor.

– If you are a new shop and have key products that need SEO Interior Floor. You should prepare yourself a funnel product group. Set a budget you can spend for the month and run it regularly. To create a stepping stone for those Sale Day remaining.

Tips to effectively increase off-platform visits from Tiktok

You can try to combine and build your own Tiktok channel. Post “1 and only 1” promotional videos per month (I will explain why later). Use that video to run ads that drive traffics off the platform. It not only increases the number of followers for your channel but also can drive traffics, which is a big deal.

For running off-platform ads. The flow of traffic coming from Retarget campaigns is always more effective than running for new customers. So don’t miss the story of building yourself a long-term Tiktok development strategy.

huong dan TikTok Ads.webp

Build a content production process for the team in houser Short content in vertical format . With these content, just posted on tiktok, develop profiles, and can also be posted to shopee feed / Lazada to attract internal traffics. Do not ignore the method of selling by livestream. Many shops have used livestream on the platform from Tiktok to pull traffics to Shopee without any advertising costs.

Tiktok promotional video content to push the link out of the platform

To create an efficient result that runs smoothly on Tiktok. We recommend producing around 3 videos per campaign. Those videos must hit the center of the message such as promotions, offers, and products for sale.

Video format must be vertical video because if it is a format Horizontal or square, the ad experience rate on Tiktok will be poor, leading to a lower click-through rate.

Also, to increase conversions from ads The indispensable part of tiktok is the sound. With our own advertising experience. Videos that do not have a voice that clicks on the messages or the music trends of tiktok inserted, the performance is also reduced by 20% – 30%.


Tiktok platform has always focused on content story and the naturalness of the video. If you have never produced content posted to Tiktok channel or Tiktok promotional videos, it is recommended that you start with Booking Kols/ Koc activity. The difference between platforms like Facebook/Instagram. Influential individuals on Tiktok are all true content creators. They especially understand what users need and most of the videos produced will suit the tastes of Tiktok users. From these videos when placing these koc / kols parties, you can use it to run ads to achieve better results than self-produced videos.

As for individuals/teams that have produced video content on other platforms. Try to let go of previous thoughts. But try to produce videos that are not too long and go straight to the heart of the problem from the first 3s – 5s to retain users. Do not try to cram too many messages into one video, but divide it into many different videos. Each video should have a focus on 1 product / 1 very specific product group / 1 clear offer / promotion message.

tiktok shop quang cao.webp

Increase Youtube views with Tiktok

Increase YouTube views on TikTok is a new way and bring very effective for your video on YouTube to increase more YouTube views quickly to find a source Real view for your Youtube video .

If you are an influencer or content creator , then you just need to be on  TikTok at the moment it can help you explode in popularity. Although TikTok is a new social network and is quite similar to Youtube in terms of features as a social network specializing in sharing short videos to create a trend, but TikTok has over a billion app downloads worldwide. Thus, you can see all TikTok users as potential audience or followers for us to be a useful tool for attracting to increase effective youtube views for your Youtube channel.

1 tang view youtube tren tiktok nhanh chong.webp

Using TikTok to increase views for videos is a very new thing compared to the past when you could only find popular social media platforms like  Instagram, Facebook or other social platforms. Then in this article we will show you how to share more Youtube videos on Tiktok to earn more real Youtube views from natural users.

How to increase YOUTUBE views from *TKG1##

In order for you to be able to share your YouTube and TikTok account link, you have to register for both platforms and install their apps on your mobile device. Download TikTok for Android or iOS here. Here are the links for the YouTube app on Android and iOS.

Once you’ve installed both apps and updated them to the latest version, you can start posting on both platforms. Note that you can cross-promote both your YouTube channel and your TikTok profile in your videos.

Since YouTube allows longer clips, we recommend using it as your primary platform and TikTok as an additional means of cross-sharing to get more views of your YouTube videos to your audience. . In addition, YouTube has a feature to make money directly from videos, while TikTok is limited in this respect, but users on the scale can watch videos through the math of auto-suggestion from TikTok.

1 tYng view youtube tren tiktok.webp

How to link Youtube videos with Tiktok

With the restriction that links on TikTok posts are not really clickable. This means you are free to type or paste your YouTube video link into your TikTok post, but it will only appear as text.

So the best way for you to share Video or Youtube channel on Tiktok is that you write the content in the description, by the way we can copy and paste the link into the description or you build a content in the description you summarize the introduction about the name. youtube channel so that users on youtube can search for channels by keyword YouTube channel name.

Also on all social media platforms Other and like Tiktok all have the ability to set the Hashtag “#increase_view_youtube_effective” with this feature you can manually set the hashtags to represent your own on the Tiktok platform to help you increase Youtube views more effectively.

How to link a Youtube channel to a resource Tiktok account

If you want to link your YouTube Channel on your account TikTok, you can follow these steps:

How to add a YouTube channel on TikTok

Step 1: Open TikTokapp on your device .

Step 2: Then click person icon on the side bottom right of your screen to open your profile.

Step 3: You may need to login to view your profile.

Step 4: Go to your profile page and tap Edit Profile .

Step 5: Click Add your YouTube.

Step 6: Select your YouTube account and click Permissions .

When you see the text “Congrats ! It’s done”. Your TikTok account is connected to the YouTube channel.

advertising content and landing page how to be accepted.

So knowing TikTok’s advertising policy is very important to help you avoid ad content violations and speed up progress. ads are delivered.

Tiktok Advertising Policy

To comply with different laws and cultures, some products and services will be classified differently. In TikTok, categories are classified into three groups:

Prohibited categories (content will be banned in all countries and regions)

  • Animals, animal parts or animal products (excluding animal products/services or promotional content) permitted animal adoption reports from NGOs, NPOs, etc..
  • Sex products, immoral publications, drugs, tools or services, and sexual activities for adults.
  • Casinos and gambling and betting activities.
  • Counterfeit, imitation and piracy.
  • Stimulants and doping devices.
  • Cigarette products, cigarettes, cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes and smoking devices (including product images and onions) related to product use).
  • Illegal drugs, drugs on the controlled list; drugs and injecting equipment (including images of using these products),…
  • Police/military clothing and equipment: such as uniforms, handcuffs, batons, boots, or any accessory, device or item like that.
  • Weapons, ammunition, and explosives, including product images and product uses such as explosives, bombs, fireworks; guns and accessories; ammunition; pepper spray, or any similar self-defense weapon capable of causing personal danger or harm.
  • Inappropriate services, products, business types: Fraudulent, illegal products/services such as identity theft, information which individual; forge, forge documents; unfounded claims, false information; infringe intellectual property or other proprietary rights;…
  • Unacceptable business activities: Including abortion services; funeral services; hazardous chemical products; trading, transplanting, transplanting human organs; the opportunity to recruit models or influencers; prenatal sex determination; any other products or services that are controversial, offensive, violent or dangerous.

Content *TKG1## is forbidden

1612327356 quang cao tiktok 1.webp

  • Political ads: Prohibit ads that mention, recommend/opposite candidates, leaders, parties, or show support/ against taking a stance on a political issue.
  • Covid-19 related products: including medical masks, hand sanitizer, respirators, COVID-19 testing kits- 19,…
  • Milk-related products: Breast milk substitutes, formula, complementary foods for infants under 24 months of age, feeding bottles and pacifier.
  • Some industries banned in Vietnam: Surgery and beauty services; Cream products, drugs, weight loss foods; Toxic chemicals, chemical fertilizers or pesticides; Collectible coins; The movie has a rating of R21 (only for people 21 and older); Some financial services such as cryptocurrencies, P2P loans, venture funds and futures contracts; Hormone related products & gynecology;…

Restricted industries (restricted content, requires additional specific conditions)
These categories include: 

  • Alcohol: Only alcohol ads are allowed for products with an alcohol content of less than 15 degrees.
  • Lotto: Only ads from national businesses are allowed.
  • Movies, entertainment TV shows: Only ads that do not contain profanity and vulgar language; does not contain sexually suggestive language or images; no violence, too much blood, horror or drug use.
  • Dating apps or services: Ads for dating apps or services must target 18+, must not be obscene or obscene only friendship or cheating in transactions,…

quang cao tren tiktok shop.webp

Content *TKG1## is restricted

  • Cosmetics: Ads may not contain misleading or inaccurate statements or information.
  • Contraceptive: Only condom advertising is allowed but must not focus on sexual pleasure or be of an overly sexual nature.</ span>
  • Pharmaceutical, healthcare, medication, or menstrual products: Ads may not contain misleading or inaccurate statements.
  • Stock trading platform
  • Financial services such as credit cards, loans, forex, insurance, fintech,…

qc tiktok shop la gi.webp

Regular industries (contents are allowed in all regions and ad review still applies)

  • 3C and electrical equipment
  • Agriculture, forestry, fishery 
  • Electronics 
  • Machine device 
  • Decorative and construction materials 
  • Transportation – Cars 
  • Logistics 
  • Telecommunications


Mandatory landing page requirements 

Sites/apps allowed to navigate

Allowed Not allowed
– Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get apps- Active website or advertised product or service website. – Landing page is out of date, buggy or under construction- Landing page is not mobile friendly- Landing page with not content or information full- Landing page automatically loads files- Landing page requires users to download additional programs or enter personal information to access main content

Ads of an e-commerce site must display complete and accurate information 

Some information should be complete and accurate on the landing page, including:

  • Contact details (Telephone number; Email address; Fax number,…)
  • Company name and address
  • Business license (note: Business license cannot be forged, altered, leased, loaned or transferred.)
  • Product price in local currency
  • Terms & Conditions, shipping information
  • Privacy policy, return policy and refund policy.
  • Additionally, some countries/territories may ask you to provide additional information.
  • If you have not provided appropriate and complete information and your ad placement is disapproved, you will receive an information prompt. add to ad approved.

Lead Ads must contain a Privacy Policy link and must not ask for information on the registration form

Privacy policy is a legal document that a business or website is not allowed to collect and process data of customers and visitors. This helps protect users from sharing and selling information to third parties.

Advertisement template and QR code

Allowed Not allowed
– QR code on product packaging- QR codes that cannot be scanned, including product barcodes –  QR codes that lead to third-party websites including social networking sites

Ad content requirements

Ad Quality

  • Caption and ad text must not contain spelling or grammatical errors, cause an unexpected user experience, or use incorrect notation between letters. For example, “From” to “Rom” or use too much and showy like capitalization, space, numbers, symbols, or punctuation between letters,…
  • Ad images may not contain blurred, unrecognizable images or use watermarks to intentionally cover part of the image. Example: An ad image showing incomplete or illegible text.
  • Promotional images and videos must be legal and of high resolution quality.
  • Minimum 5s and maximum 60s of ad video length.
  • Promo videos must use standard sizes: Vertical (9:16), square (1: 1), and horizontal (16:9 ) .
  • Ads must contain audio and must not be of poor quality. For example, the sound is unclear or distorted.

Prohibited advertising content

Content promoting prohibited or restricted categories

Content violations Community Standards và Advertising Policy of TikTok

Military content

Negative content related to military or police symbols, sensitive military events, militarism, advocating or whitewashing war, illegal elements.

Discriminatory content

Content that contains hate speech against a protected group, individual, or organization based on race, ethnicity, national origin, inclination sex, gender identity, religion, age, family status, medical or genetic condition.

Ads Prohibited Adult and Sexual Content
Ads and landing pages cannot:

  • Display sexually suggestive or sexually suggestive behavior or activities.
  • Displays nudity, sexual references, or sexual depictions of a person.
  • Excessive display of visible skin.
  • Focus on an individual’s intimate body parts, such as genitals, buttocks,

Content that violates intellectual property rights is prohibited from advertising Ads and landing pages may not display TikTok-related elements without the app’s permission, including:

  • TikTok Logo
  • Product description is “TikTok Bestseller”
  • Landing page mimics the look and feel of TikTok’s Hashtag Challenge
  • Ad Caption must not include hashtag not approved by TikTok

Ads and landing pages may not display content that infringes on third-party copyrights, including:

  • Application, security camera or any software/device intended to record other people’s videos without permission.
  • Personal data information, such as official ID, bank account details, home/email address. Phone numbers are only accepted if they are the advertiser’s contact information.

Misleading or thought-provoking content is prohibited from advertising

  • Ads exaggerate the product’s promise of effectiveness and efficiency. Example: Lotion – Get slim legs right away; Financial products – Earn money in just 10 seconds or an ad that shows wrinkles disappearing through a “before and after” comparison using an eye cream;…
  • Negative and toxic comparison ads and landing pages with other brands. Example: Product is XX times cheaper than ABC product.
  • Ad includes navigation buttons or invalid description text.
  • Ads and landing pages include mismatched or inconsistent information about promotions, prices, discounts, or any similar information, including including lack of information, lack of disclaimer.
  • Landing page includes pop-ups that cannot be disabled or ignored. For example, pop-ups asking for personal information are mandatory.

Content that is misleading, inauthentic, and deceptive

TikTok strictly prohibits misleading, unauthentic and deceptive practices to protect the integrity, authenticity, and safety of the platform.

Sensational and shocking content is not advertised

TikTok’s policy does NOT allow:

  • Ads that display gory, gruesome images or graphic images that are likely to shock or frighten users.
  • Ads include objectionable images that may cause an uncomfortable user experience.
  • Ad contains content that represents crime, excessive violence, cruelty, or gratuitous violence against animals.
  • Ads and landing pages contain profanity or offensive language.
  • Ads that display dangerous (or harmful) behavior without safeguards. For example, ads showing parkour jumping between two dangerous buildings,…
  • Ads that display dangerous (or harmful) behavior without safeguards. For example: images of dangerous games, challenges or stunts that can lead to injury.
  • Ads describe content that can incite fear or panic, possibly causing harm to users. Examples: Content that describes or promotes phrases like “you may be in danger” or “virus detected, remove it now”

Dangerous or harmful behavior doesn’t run ads

TikTok’s policy does NOT allow:

  • Ads that depict inherently dangerous or illegal behavior.
  • Ads that include malicious behavior that can be easily reproduced and have the potential to result in physical harm to an individual or to the public.
  • Ads that encourage users to engage in potentially harmful behavior.

TikTok policy allows:

  • Ads depicting movies, games, animations are muted or exaggerated and do not mislead viewers and present a safe message in educational context.
  • These policies are not intended to document safely depicted extreme sports or explicit professional stunts. Ads may be disapproved if the professional or sporting nature of these exceptions is unclear or if the safety measures are unclear. If it’s easy for people to copy approved descriptions of stunts or extreme sports, then targeting by age 18+ and warnings to “discourage viewers from performing the behavior” could be requested. request for approval.

Inappropriate content will not run tiktok ads

Ads or landing pages must NOT depict content such as:

  • Content contains dangerous, harmful, or violent actions.
  • Promotional or demeaning content.
  • Content that references and exploits a sensitive event or topic to attract followers, profiteering for sales. These events/topics can be natural or man-made disasters, attacks on an individual or a community, protests, deaths or injuries, etc.

Content calling for purchase too much will not be marketed on tiktok

  • Ads and landing pages should not encourage over-buying of items through slow payment services such as credit cards, loan financing and “buy now, pay later” services.
  • Ads and landing pages should not explicitly suggest or imply that “buy now, pay later” is a risk-free way to spend money.

Ads instructing consumers to pay with loans, credit cards or “buy now, pay later” services may be allowed if it is not prominent than other content displayed in the ad.

Content with crawl purposes will not be able to run tiktok

Advertisers must ensure that any personal information collected in advertising is handled securely and in accordance with local laws and privacy policies.

In addition, advertisers may not use Lead Generation ads to collect information without prior consent from users and TikTok:

  • Information that reveals racial or ethnic origin.
  • Information that reveals political views or political affiliations.
  • Information that reveals religious or philosophical beliefs.
  • Union membership disclosure information.
  • Health-related information: such as medical history, disability, mental or physical condition, or medical treatments economy.
  • Information regarding a person’s sex life.
  • Information regarding a person’s sexual orientation, including the gender(s) that the person identifies.
  • Information about criminal charges, arrests, proceedings or convictions or related security measures.
  • Government-issued ID number: such as a social security number, passport number, driver’s license number, or tax number / national identification number .
  • Financial information: such as income, bank account number, net worth, credit or debit card number, tax number, CVV , credit score, debt, financial statements or bankruptcy.
  • Insurance information: such as policy number or coverage.
  • Network identifier: username, password, password-protected answer, or user’s personal digital certificate.
  • Account number: such as loyalty card number or frequent flyer number.
  • User’s exact date of birth, year of birth, or age.

Restricted content when running ads tiktok

Some markets may have restrictions on ads featuring certain materials or situations as listed below.

Religion and Culture

  • Ads and landing pages must not include disrespectful actions related to or directly towards religious buildings, religious symbols or comparisons malice about religions.
  • Ads and landing pages may not display content that violates the local culture of the ad targeting regions.

Protect minors

Users must be 13 years or older to use the service. Therefore, for the purposes of this policy, ‘minors’ are users aged 13-17.

  • Ads and landing pages must not display, facilitate or promote inappropriate behavior involving minors, such as drinking underage drinking or smoking.
  • Ads and landing pages must not expose minors to excessive skin contact.
  • Ads and landing pages must not discourage minors from engaging in inappropriate activities, such as buying lottery tickets.
  • Ads and landing pages may not display or promote products/games that appeal to minors in some ad-targeted areas specific.
  • Ads and landing pages may not depict affected individuals in any way.
  • Ads directed at minors or featured content likely to attract minors should not encourage minors to purchase goods or services or persuade parents or others to do so.
  • Ads must not only feature minors without the presence of accompanying adults in certain ad targeting regions .

COVID-19 banned from advertising

Ad & Landing pages mentioning COVID-19, vaccines, pandemics and related events are accepted, provided they do not:

  • Advertises the sale of prohibited products by each respective market.
  • Advertisement of products and services that make broad assurance claims about effectiveness in treating, protecting consumers from COVID-19 and related effects.
  • Presenting COVID-19 in an unfriendly manner such as manipulating consumer fear and anxiety, spreading misinformation to promote business sales number.
  • Gives medical advice, treatment plans, and promotes other behaviors contrary to the recommendations of local health professionals, the government, or trusted agency.

Consistency between ad and landing page

Allowed Not allowed
Promo Template Products/brands in the ad and the landing page must match – The ad introduces the product/brand A but the landing page displays the product/brand B- The brand logo on the product in the ad template but no brand logo on product in landing page
Caption Caption must be consistent with the image or video of the respective ad Caption says “up to 50% off”, while the image says “up to 30% off”
Display name/app name – Display name is “VS” or “lotion” while display name on landing page is “lotion VS”- App name is “ABC” but The app name displayed on the landing page is “ABC-XYZ” – Display name is “ABC lotion” while product on landing page is “ABC shampoo” or “XYZ lotion”- App name is “ABC” ” but the app name displayed on the landing page is “XYZ”

Tiktok privacy policy

When you run a form-filling ad and get user information, your website is required to create 2 links with the 2 content below so that the ad is not rejected and the ad account is not locked:

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy states that customer information is collected and this information will be kept strictly confidential. We do not share and do not sell to third parties. We ensure that a Privacy Policy that complies with any applicable data protection regulations will be displayed accurately and clearly to users.

Legal disclaimer

 The information provided on this website is for general information purposes only and video clips or videos collected online for entertainment purposes only and is not intended for any particular purpose, nor is it a substitute for advice or a solicitation. any action. No liability for loss caused by any act or attempt to act as a result of any material contained in this publication may be admissible.

We strive to ensure that the information contained in this website is accurate and up to date, however we are not responsible for any errors or omissions. All warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this website or with respect to any product services or materials mentioned on this website are disclaimed. except to the extent permitted by law. Links on this website may lead to other websites and some information on this website may be provided by third parties. We are not responsible for the accuracy of such information.

Tiktok Community Standards

Our Community Standards apply to all users and all content on TikTok. We actively enforce Community Standards using a combination of technology and human moderation before content is reported to us. We also encourage community members to use the tools we provide on TikTok to report any content they believe violates our Community Standards. Those standards are:

+ The safety of minors

+ Action and dangerous challenges

+ Suicide, self-harm and eating disorders

+ Nudity and adult sexual activity

+ Harassment and bullying

+ Hostile behavior

+ Violent extremism

+ Comprehensiveness and authenticity

+ Illegal activities and controlled goods

+ Violent and creepy content

+ Copyright and trademark infringement

Combining website SEO and  SEO TikTok for marketing campaign will bring effective results surprise in attracting customers as well as increasing sales for your brand. Currently, there are thousands of businesses promoting products through TikTok, so if you do not know the optimal methods on social networks of ByteDance, you will quickly be overshadowed by competitors. Let’s find out Tytok SEO tips in this article!

Why should SEO TikTok?

How can TikTok SEO help increase brand awareness? Why should I use TikTok as a marketing channel instead of other social networks?

This is definitely a question many marketers ask.

TikTok allows users to use the platform to express themselves in the most creative way. This is very convenient for brands promoting products with many different forms without creating boredom with customers. According to data from Backlinko’s report, as of January 2022, 47.7% of TikTok’s users are between the ages of 10 and 29 and 31.3% of the base user base is aged 40 or over. In addition, from 2023, the majority of TikTok accounts can be searched through Google. The content shared by TikTok users has also appeared on the search engine, indexed by Google and created a full backlink effect like any other social network.

tai sao nen seo tiktok.webp

According to Search Engine Journal, now Google has indexed the content of videos on TikTok, thanks to that, users can search these videos easily. TikTok now has a business-specific version, allowing businesses large and small to develop promotional videos to target target customers. Another highlight is that in 2024 there will be more special features.

All these reasons are convincing enough for you to plan to develop a TikTok channel for your brand right away. yours yet? Here are 5 TikTok SEO strategies for your reference:

bang gia quang cao tiktok 2022.webp

TikTok restaurant needs design TikTok Shop standard SEO booth, professional to attract customers to your store.

In addition to being beautiful in appearance to show the uniqueness of the brand, sellers need to optimize SEO for Shop with TikTok’s search engine.

SEO-standard TikTok Shop booth design

At the beginning stage of building and developing a shop on TikTok. You have 2 things to do: design a brand identity for TikTok and write SEO-standard content for products and services.

It takes a lot of time to do these 2 things because if you are a seller, new to business, it’s almost like you don’t have too much experience in designing a TikTok booth.

seo tiktokshop la gi.webp

For design requirements, it must be optimized on both Mobile (phone) and Laptop/PC interfaces.

So the image size is something that needs to be firmly grasped to make a request for the designer to do.

Content: Standard elements of a standard SEO article TikTok for sales will include.

  • Shop name and shop info
  • Product naming
  • Product description
  • Link Shop link with Website/Social

Why should I design an SEO-standard TikTok booth?

The ultimate goal is still to sell as much as possible, and maintain sustainability & Shop’s longevity.

Building and optimizing an SEO-standard TikTok booth is an indispensable condition that needs to be done right away. from newly established shop on the floor.

Some benefits of designing an SEO-standard TikTok booth:

  • Increase ranking for internal keywords: thereby increasing Clicks to the store.
  • Increase brand awareness: The frequency of appearing on TikTok search results is higher than non-optimized Shops. .

vi sao nen thiet ke gian hang tiktok shop chuan seo.jpeg.webp

  • Increasing prestige: when you stand at the Top, professional image will make customers have higher trust.
  • TikTok floor-friendly: if you comply with the platform’s SEO criteria you will be recommended and all Shopee activities all priority (including advertising).

In addition to the factors of Shop ranking, price, purchases,… is an indispensable factor that helps customers find your store’s products when searching, even if the product is not advertised!

  • Top displayed when customers search even in case the product’s sales are not high
  • Increase organic display, product ratings
  • Suggested “Related products” when customers view products

Things to optimize when setting up SEO standards

  • Set up standard booth configuration
  • Optimize SP images for SEO standards (Image name, Content on image)
  • Optimize image content (Description, hashtags, keywords)
  • Aesthetic booth design

To open for sale on TikTok Shop, posting products is extremely important. So do you know  how to post products on Tiktok Shop standard seo yet? In order to make your sales process more convenient and accessible to users, this article quangcaomarketingonline.com will guide you on how to post the most detailed products from within, Come to the image… Let’s find out now!

How to post products on TikTok Shop seo standard

Once you have an account, you can proceed to post products in the following ways:

  • Step 1: You login at the page Admin of TikTok Shop
  • Step 2: Go to  Product ⇒ Click to select Product Management ⇒ Add New Product.
  • Step 3: Update product information such as: Product name, description description, pictures, videos, etc., and finish.

huong dan dang sp tiktok shop chuan seo.webp

Although the steps are very simple, many sellers still experience interruptions in the implementation process because the regulations and conditions for posting products have not been properly applied. Here are some tips to help your product be seo standard, approved quickly.

Description Basic Information about the Product

Just meet the developer’s specified conditions and your product will be approved quickly right. And with standard seo content, it is not difficult to get to the Top 1. Please refer to the suggestions below to optimize the product right away!

Product image information

  • Each product will have a maximum of 9 images.
  • Image ratio 1:1
  • Minimum image size is 600 x 600px
  • Maximum image file size is 5MB

Product Description

  • Products are described with  bullet => Text.
  • Add up to 30 banners or related images.

In the process of describing information, you need to pay attention to describe the right keywords that users search for. Should focus on naming products clearly.

Video Regulations (optional)

  • Recommended video ratio tiktok shop is  1:19:16 or 16:9
  • Size size video file maximum 20MB

Product weight, size – parcel

Weight regulations:

  •    Package weight = Product weight + Packaging (Example: Box, bubble or wooden packaging)
  •    The allowable parcel weight is 1-100Kg.

Plot size regulations ( optional)

Size is not specified but seller needs to make sure the exact size as they will be used Used to calculate fees and shipping methods.

  • Warranty period (optional)
  • Warranty Policy (optional)
  • Pay on delivery


  • Move the button to the right to enable COD for this product
  • J&T COD order limit for customers is IDR 5,000,000

Variation Product Description and SKU List

Product Variation

The main variation is the change in the color, size or material of the product. Specify the variation as follows:

  • Each product has up to 3 variations (Example: Color, Size, Length or Fabric)
  • Limited variable values
  • Additional product images are recommended for respective variations.

List of SKUs

  • Enter the price of all SKUs. With multiple SKUs in a single product, Merchants can use bulk tools to adjust prices and inventory.
  • Input merchant SKU name if you need the identifier for your own use (optional)
  • Input Inventory Quantity

Discard, Save as Draft or Post Product

  • Remove: Remove all description
  • Save as Draft: Product will be saved and not made public. You can continue to edit until you are satisfied then Publish.
  • Submit (submit): Product will be submitted to the promotion process.

Tiktok SEO

 If you don’t know how to go to TikTok on Google and how to do it trending TikTok, refer to the strategies below:

Use hashtag

Use hashtags similar to SEO keywords in your content. We all know how important keywords are in SEO. Similar to website SEO, if you use a lot of related keywords, your content will be more likely to be displayed and reach users.

su dung hashtag seo tiktok.webp

On TikTok, use more trending hashtags to expand your reach. Also, put hashtags with long-tailed keywords to optimize your content. This is an effective but often overlooked TikTok SEO strategy.

Optimize and create engaging videos

You can be as creative as you want your video to have the most interesting content, but don’t forget it Video optimization for search engines. A video should be around 60 seconds long, so plan your content carefully to convey your message to your audience in the most concise way. Don’t forget to use the main and related keywords in the title and description for more effective TikTok SEO.

toi uu va sang tao cac video huong dan seo tiktok hieu qua.webp

Also, to build engagement with your channel’s viewers, regularly respond to messages their comments, thereby improving the content more relevant.

Most users come to TikTok for entertainment purposes. So if you want to do business on this platform, using hashtags and trending background music is the most effective way to reach new potential customers.

Redirect users to the website

Building an attractive TikTok channel with lots of followers but not navigating to the main website is a waste none. So don’t forget to put your website link so that channel viewers can easily see and visit your website.

dieu huong nguoi dung ve web de seo tiktok hieu qua.webp

A reputable website still creates a feeling of certainty and peace of mind for customers to buy products or use services your service.

tiktok shop quang cao.webp

Cross-promotion for video content

Cross-promote or cross-promotion is an important TikTok SEO strategy that you cannot ignore. Don’t waste your existing  social networksfollowers. Assuming you already have a lot of followers on your business’s Facebook or LinkedIn page, post your TikTok videos on it too and include a link so users can visit your TikTok page.

seo tiktok bang cach xuc tien cheo cho cac video content.webp

Use TikTok Analytics to analyze channel users

Like any social media platform, analytics plays an essential role in planning detailed business plan. The TikTok Analytics tool will provide in-depth data about users and their behavior. You can use this information to tailor your content to improve engagement and profile visits.

su sung cong cu seo tiktok de phan tich nguoi dung.webp

Frequently asked questions?

What is TikTok SEO standard?

Answer: A shop selling goods on the floor is considered an SEO standard when optimized Get elements like title, product image description.

Design TikTok SEO standard booth

Answer: These are steps to optimize shop like standard image design floor, product content writing, TikTok SEO keyword analysis

What is SEO on TikTok?

Answer: Similar to SEO optimization on Google, the task of TikTok SEO is to optimize on TikTok’s own search engine.

The TikTok social network is growing in popularity and to stay ahead of the game, beating competitors , you need to have a suitable TikTok SEO strategy. The above 5 optimal strategies not only help your video get found on Google, but also trending on TikTok quickly and surprisingly effective.

AD MARKETING is a unit that provides Website optimization solution with many years of experience and a diverse and rich system of SEO resources. SEO services at Advertising MARKETING is the key to helping your business improve conversion rates, revenue breakthroughs and long-term sustainable growth.

Contact AD MARKETING via Hotline or Zalo for detailed advice!

Initiating a TikTok Ads campaign does not mean that the ads will run. Because after setting up TikTok ads, you need to browse to see if the ad meets the conditions to be displayed? If you fall into the situation of running unapproved TikTok ads, please refer to the reasons listed below for the most effective how to optimize tiktok ads.

To advertise TikTok effectively, avoid the following information:

Landing Page does not meet the criteria

In online marketing campaigns, the  Landing Page  (also known as the landing page) is considered an important element. indispensable importance. This is a single website with focused content that guides and convinces readers to achieve a specific conversion goal. And in TikTok ads is no exception, if your Landing Page falls into one of the following factors, that ad will not be approved:

  • Landing Page is out of date with errors or under construction.
  • Landing Pages do not guarantee functionality, do not redirect to the user.
  • Not convey enough content of the landing page, many shortcomings, sketchy design.
  • Landing Page is difficult to use, not user-friendly when accessing on phones.

Landing Page chYa Yap ung du cac tieu chuan.jpeg.webp

  • There are still many inconveniences, users who click the browser back button will always be exited from the Landing Page which makes it feel annoying for users.
  • Automatically download files to the user’s device.
  • Landing Page requires users to provide personal information or download additional programs to the page is accessible.

E-commerce ad lacks valid information on Landing Page

Information that needs to be fully updated on Tiktok promotional posts include:

  • Contact info
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Business license
  • Price to display in local currency
  • Other terms and conditions
  • Shipping info
  • Privacy policy, return and refund for customers

Ad does not secure sensitive customer information

It is invaluable to ensure the security of all customer information, especially sensitive information. equally important. Just letting you leak a few small pieces of information is enough to create opportunities for bad guys to harm customers. Some information needs to be kept confidential for customers such as:

  • Personal identity.
  • Identify personal information
  • Financial or insurance factors.
  • Health, medical, biometric information

nguyen nhan quang cao TikTok khong Yuoc duyet.webp

Promo TikTok for restricted, prohibited content

You are running TikTok ads or just set up a campaign on TikTok, you will immediately receive a notification that: “Your ad account is not moderated or disabled”. This may stem from the content you’re advertising that violates content that TikTok restricts or prohibits. Maybe with this case happening the first time, TikTok only prompts, “flag” your account, but if you still intentionally run this promotional content the next time, your account will be disabled. .

Some prohibited content on TikTok ads can be listed as follows:

  • Illegal activities or services that violate the law.
  • Content that violates social and community standards,
  • Use of explosives, unauthorized weapons, ammunition,,…
  • Use of drugs or prohibited stimulants such as drugs, grass, tobacco in ads.
  • Content containing political, legal, military,,…

qc tiktok.webp

  • Cannot run discriminatory, racist, demarcated content ads, …
  • Sexual abuse of children – adults.
  • Images, offensive language or misleading statements.
  • Infringing intellectual property: content containing logos, symbols, degrees,… of TikTok or other brands other brands without the permission of that unit, counterfeit products, unauthorized copies of real goods.
  • Spiritual, psychologically shocking content: sensitive images, horror, vulgar language, etc.

Besides the above prohibited content, TikTok also restricts content related to quality in TikTok ads. alcohol (wine, beer), gambling, gambling, religion and culture, protection of minors.

Content, images and promotional messages are inconsistent

Individual TikTok ads, implementation units will design in many different forms. However, regular ads will include text, images, captions, videos, CTAs. If you build an advertisement where these elements are separate, there is no consistent link between the advertised product/service on the Landing Page, the value of the ad will be reduced, especially TikTok. will not censor.

Example:  display name or app name does not match the product/ The application is displayed on the Landing Page. This not only makes the ad invalid, but also reduces the professionalism of that individual or business.

nguyen nhan quang cao tiktok khong duyet2.jpeg.webp

Spelling, grammatical errors in ad text/captions

A good, attractive ad but with spelling/grammatical errors in the caption content, yes. Is it acceptable? Maybe a single mistake or typos in the ad doesn’t change the meaning of the ad too much. However, this will make the reader feel extremely uncomfortable, not having the full experience. Sometimes that very spelling mistake can lead the reader to a different thought than what you convey.

In addition, some ads also abuse incorrect characters between letters to depreciate the value. value of language. Therefore, when designing an advertisement or any other content, you should respect the language and use it properly, avoiding typos.

Invalid image size

  • Advertising images and videos need to be sharp, intuitive, with high resolution. TikTok will not accept images and videos that are blurred, unclear and difficult to identify, partially covering the image. If you send these ads to viewers, it will also reduce credibility and increase confusion about that brand in the hearts of customers.
  • The duration of the video on TikTok must be at least 5s and up to 60s.
  • Avoid low-quality, indistinct, intermittent and difficult-to-recognize sounds, especially not sticky copyright.
  • Video frame does not guarantee standard size, style: Vertical (9:16), Square (1: 1), Horizontal (16:9).

nguyen nhan quang cao tiktok khong duyet3.jpeg.webp

TikTok account balance is not enough to run ads

First, when setting up the campaign TikTok ads you need to check to make sure there is enough balance in your account. If the amount is within the allowable amount, then you can easily deploy the campaign and display the ad.

If your account balance is too small or non-existent, the campaign cannot be executed even though you have Complete setup, ensuring compliance with all advertising policies, is still not approved by TikTok

To top up your TikTok account to run ads, just go to  Payment => Select Deposit and see how much the minimum deposit is required to run ads, TikTok will ask differently from time to time.

Here are 8 reasons why TikTok ads are not running effectively that we want to send to you. Hopefully this article will help you deploy quality, always approved TikTok ads, especially to limit business risks and grow revenue. Good luck!

How much does an ad on Tik Tok cost?

There are 4 auction methods you can choose based on your ad objectives:

• CPC (Cost Per Click): only charged when a mouse is clicked. Tik Tok’s system will deliver ads to users who click on them at a price close to your bid.

• oCPC (optimize cost per click): Fee paid for Clicks that generate conversions ( e.g. website visits, app downloads, membership registration). The Tik Tok system will deliver ads to users who have generated activity at a price close to the bid.

Quang cao tren TikTok tinh phi bao nhieu.webp

• CPV (cost per view): Fee paid for 1000 video views (view 2 pages / 6 seconds) ). Tik Tok system will optimize your ads to collect as many views as possible.

• CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions): Fee paid for 1,000 impressions. The Tik Tok system will optimize your ads for coverage and reach.

Tik Tok ads offer 2 budgeting options: daily or full-time. You can change your budget at any time throughout the campaign. The minimum budget at the campaign level is $500 and the minimum budget at the ad set level is $50.

Common mistakes when advertising Tiktok

If you want to find the optimal TikTok Ads technique, call us. immediately to us. And this article Advertising Online Marketing wants to share with you some experiences, some mistakes that are easy to make when running TikTok ads :

Single commitment advertisement

Many of you when you first start doing business, simply think that you just need to import goods, then run ads reported to be sold. Or come across some offers on the internet that promise to make an order, all of which are actually scams. The story is not so simple, you need to do many other things.

Currently on the internet and on Facebook, there are many advertising offers with wings like :

  • Promotion of revenue commitment
  • Marketing commitment to sales
  • Ad pledge to order
  • Marketing commitment to customers
  • Revenue commitment x2 x3 x4 …

Be careful, as these may just be words to entice customers to contact them to then they will steer through other issues without getting to the point because they won’t be able to put these commitments into the contract.

Think for yourself if there are any units or companies that can do this, why don’t they import themselves Goods to sell but go to work as a service for you? If they can commit to spend 20 million ads but dare to claim to bring in sales of 40 million, 80 million twice as much as 4 times so delicious, why don’t they make it themselves?

This is just a bait ploy to lure dummies or ignorant customers.

In fact, when you call these units and ask questions about sales commitments, they all respond in the same way. like :

  • We must first set up a marketing platform for you and then commit to revenue. The setup cost is about 20 million … (maybe a fanpage to increase likes and make a website and run a small advertisement) 
  • You have to test run at least 1 or 2 months ago to test the market and then from the 3rd month onwards can commit achieve sales. Trial cost is about 20 million, 30 million, 40 million something…

If you try to get them to spend 20 million, 40 million test costs for the first month, what is their specific commitment? will continue to play roundabout without getting straight to the point for reasons a,b,c,d …

On TikTok or any other platform. To advertise sales effectively, you need to prepare: Budget, strategy, plan and complete process. That’s not to mention the other things that you need to do when the advertising is not effective, not selling.

quang cao tiktok hien nay.webp

Currently, TikTok is an extremely hot video platform for young people, a lot of people play TikTok together. . But as for the TikTok advertising channel, it is still quite new to users.

Because it’s quite new, users are not used to clicking ads to go to the landing page, and also like the picture how to use the purchase on TikTok?

When running sales ads on TikTok, experience is that you need to have a long-term strategy. You can’t run with a budget, but if you run out of budget, you can run whenever you like.

Must be persistent to make users in the habit that they can completely contact you on TikTok and set customers when they have a need for your product. Check out how to advertise TikTok if you’re interested.

Choose the right customer to decide everything

Another mistake for those of you who have not experienced running ads on Tik Tok is the judgment. that: Targeting skills determine all advertising effectiveness.

This is true but only partially correct. Because now, the quality of TikTok promotional video content also plays an extremely important role in advertising effectiveness.

1612327356 quang cao tiktok 1.webp

Choosing an ad object must consider other factors such as: Landing page quality, trackability , adjust, optimize ads again.

Then, if you target the correct target customer, you will only get about 30-40% chance of success. The remaining 60 – 70% you need to optimize a series of other factors.

When the 80/100 converges enough, you can ensure the effectiveness of the ad. So, the TikTok advertising experience here is: There are many factors that need to be optimized in parallel with targeting skills when running TikTok ads.

kinh nghiem chay quang cao tik tok.webp

Need an ad process

Agreed that if you want to run Tik Tok ads, you can learn and then run it yourself. But here what you run are the basic running techniques, amateurs, and the process of running ads does not exist.

These often lead to the common consequence: Tik Tok ads are not effective.

Because there is no specific procedure, so when you’re wrong, you don’t know where you’re wrong to correct it. . People who do advertising are stable, successful in the long run, they will often draw up a strategy, with plans and plans. Beneath the plans and options are pre-planned step-by-step processes.

This makes it easy to control advertising campaigns on Tik Tok. Thus, to ensure effective advertising, you need to run ads with a process.

If you’re new to TikTok ads, you can learn more about the ad implementation process. with information shared online. Either invest money to buy online TikTok courses, or participate in face-to-face courses at training centers.

Then you will probably find a lot of experience running ads on other Tik Tok, along with the following: Discover the effective process of running TikTok ads again.

tiktok advertising agency

Probably because:

• New TikTok ads, you are afraid to learn to run yourself.

• Potential customers are waiting for you, so you need to run ads now.

• Afraid of running on your own without having an application because you don’t have much experience.

For many reasons, you rush to make the decision to hire someone to run Tik Tok ads for you. This option is ultimately acceptable if you choose a reputable company to cooperate with.

It’s really better if you can learn it yourself, then run and optimize the ads yourself . With this option, you can be completely proactive in terms of budget, time, and running technique,…More TikTok advertising experience is: Don’t rush to hire people to run Tik Tok ads. Let’s start with learning a little about TikTok Ads before investing budget to run ads.

kinh nghiem qc tiktok.webp

Spend less advertising

Sorry there are 2 cases here:

• Case 1: Know that TikTok is a new potential customer market but are afraid to invest advertising budget to exploit.

• Case 2: Spend money to run ads but spend money in a trickle.

In case 1 does not mention much, in case 2 you will often: Spend too low a day budget, or see that the ad is not effective, then turn off the campaign go for fear of spending money.

Don’t be like that, because:

• Ads need a large enough budget to deliver to their target audience.

• And ads also take time to find your target audience.

So don’t waste your money and then affect the ad performance. In addition, for those of you who do not intend to invest in TikTok advertising, it is completely possible to consider further and choose an appropriate time.

TikTok has just launched a new online monetization feature for users called TikTok Shop. Here, the sales units can display their items without attaching a link to the bio as before. As for customers, you will easily shop right on TikTok without switching to another commerce platform. In this article, I will guide you how to use TikTok Shop very simple on your phone !

TikTok has just launched a new online monetization feature for users called TikTok Shop . Here, the sales units can display their items without attaching a link to the bio as before. As for customers, you will easily shop right on TikTok without switching to another commerce platform. In this article, I will guide you how to use TikTok Shop very simple on your phone !

b7 1280x1280 800 resize.jpeg.webp

Note when opening a booth at TikTok Shop:

    • Business account: does not require the number of followers but needs a Business Registration License, a business tax code. Business accounts will definitely be a long-term priority for TikTok.
    • Personal account: requires 10,000 followers or more.

After successfully registering tiktok shop, you receive email from TikTok sent to the email you just registered and  access the link in that email. Next, at the homepage interface, select  Start selling.

b8 1280x1280 800 resize.jpeg.webp

You verify information do your business at the Verify section Verify documents and upload documents as directed.

b9 1280x1280 800 resize.jpeg.webp

You select the item Tax ID and declare your tax code.

b10 1280x1280 800 resize.jpeg.webp

How to start selling on Tiktok shop by clicking Add first product and selecting Add product.

b11 1280x1280 800 resize.jpeg.webp

After TikTok confirms the information complete of the above 5 steps, you do Link your bank account to receive sales!

b12 1280x1280 800 resize.jpeg.webp

Sell on TikTok Shop

Products: Shows items like Fashion, Cosmetics, Household and Food is in the top sales. You can choose to sell products that are suitable for the platform and users instead of selling your products. Product prices under 300K are stable and if below 100K, they are selling extremely well

Operation: If you already do business online or on e-commerce platforms, Operation on TikTok Shop is not a problem. Only the order management stage has not been smoothly updated with features. Sometimes the results are incorrect or in some cases not updated realtime. (For example, the order has been returned but the system has not updated, the order has been delivered but is still in the waiting state, etc.)

tiktok shop quang cao.webp

Cashflow: This is an issue that sellers should care about. Currently it takes 10-15 days for the money to arrive. So for weak sellers, capital can be  broken in the operation stage. Sellers can find large factories with strong capital to cooperate.

How to shop on TikTok Shop

Step 1: Update your TikTok app to the latest version.

  • OS Android here .
  • Operating system iOS here.

Step 2: You go to  TikTok sales page or  purchase icon pinned in videos. Then, you select  shopping cart icon. Next, press  select the product want to buy.

b2 1280x1280 800 resize.jpeg.webp

Step 3: You select  Apply coupon  (for the first order on TikTok Shop). Next, select  Buy now.

b3 1280x1280 800 resize.jpeg.webp

Step 4: You click on the box Shipping address, then you fill in the information correctly. receive your item and select Save.

b4 1280x1280 800 resize.jpeg.webp

Step 5: You choose payment method For orders, there are 2 options:  Cash on delivery and Pay via debit/credit card.

b5 1280x1280 800 resize.jpeg.webp

 SEE MORE: Price list of tiktok services , Marketing service on tiktok , Online marketing services , Online advertising price list

Step 6: Check the order information and click  Place Order.

b6 1170x2394 800 resize.jpeg.webp


Livestream on TikTok Shop

  • Dress error, not revealing, not revealing on Live, closed neck shirt is the best and most reassuring.
  • Do not use tobacco, vape and similar objects.
  • Products that are introduced / sold on live must be included in the cart.
  • Selling brands without identification or fake goods on Live.
  • Do not react to or replay (usually unintentionally) other platform or copyrighted content.

quang cao tiktok hieu qua.webp

  • No people appear in the live frame.
  • Products with code QR Code, or links to other platforms.
  • Children should not be included at any age (preferably not).
  • Dangerous action (challenge jumping, eating paper, bla bla…).
  • Does not talk much and cause conflicts about Religion & Politics.

TikTok’s livestream video algorithm

To successfully optimize videos on Tik Tok, you need to know how Tik Tok uses Videos reach different users based on their profile and interests. Here are the main factors Tik Tok recommends when creating video recommendations to users:

User Interaction: TikTok serves users videos they love to interact with. Users will see content from the specific accounts they interact with the most. Then Tiktok will display a video suggesting that user watch, sometimes a livestream video. Aside from likes and shares, video watch-through rate is the main ranking metric.

Thuat toan cua TikTok hoat dong nhu the nao.webp

Live on Tiktok: Tik Tok pushes content to users who like to explore. If users often search by special hashtags or videos with special audio tracks, they will be suggested to watch videos with the same hashtags and sounds. Device and account settings: user language selection, country setting, device type are also parts that Tik Tok considers when serving content.

How to increase views of video livestreams on TikTok

Partner with influencers to spread the brand’s videos widely

Working with influencers on Tik Tok is one way for businesses to boost their brand. Especially the brands that have few followers. TikTok helps businesses connect with influencers so you can find the best rep for your product.

Create your own channel and post at least three content per day, where one is about your product

TikTok users don’t visit the app to buy goods but look for entertaining or educational videos. So you need a personal account to act like a normal User, don’t post too much about the product, you need to shoot attractive videos and have creative content, share those videos with many people, then gradually increase interaction and reach customers.

Share your content or campaign on other social networks

This will help you expand your audience reach. On TikTok, its users are mostly young population. However, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube has a more general demographic, from young to old.

Create new trends on TikTok

In addition to creating ads on tik tok, you should create new trends because trends often has great influence, only then will attract more people interested in your account.

What’s so special about the Tik Tok platform?

Tik Tok is a social network channel in which users will be able to post short videos to be able to Communicate your positive messages to everyone. Tik Tok is currently dominant compared to other social networking sites when it is capable of attracting a large number of people to join this channel every day.

don vi quang cao tiktok hieu qua.webp

Moreover, at Tik Tok channel, the number of participants is mainly from the age of 16 to about under 40 year old. This is the most potential customer group for each business because they tend to spend and buy the most online.

How to purchase and operate orders on Tik Tok Shop

There are many stakeholders that will be involved in the operation of this order. Customers after watching videos introducing products and services through the messages of the videos will visit the seller’s personal page and click on the link provided by the seller to buy the product.

  • Seller: If the seller is a business, it must be legally registered to do business in that country or have a business license individual households.
  • KOL/Idol: These are objects that register for a marketing affiliate to introduce products to a certain business. The condition to be able to register for marketing on the Tik Tok platform is that you must have over 10,000 followers.
  • Cost: Platform  is currently charging a fee for a successful order based on the country in which you live. As in Vietnam, the platform will charge a 1% fee on an order successfully purchased by a customer.
  • Product posting task: The task of a seller on this platform is not too complicated. Sellers will make short videos to talk about their products and services. The content of the video must be attractive enough and attract many people to get high traffic.

tiktok ads.webp

The seller will create a shortened link placed on the Tik Tok Shop platform integrated in his personal page to Buyers access and make purchases. If the seller wants more traffic that can be known by many customers, Marketing Ads recommends you learn about some how to run Tik Tok Shop ads .

  • About the form of payment: The Tik Tok Shop platform encourages buyers and sellers to make online payments, avoiding situations COD payment status will be more risky. After making an online payment, the Tik Tok platform will deduct the commission fee and then transfer the remaining amount of goods to the seller’s Tik Tok account.
  • Order shipping stage: Regarding this shipping stage, Tik Tok’s partners, namely the e-commerce platform will carry out shipping orders that customers have placed through carriers such as J & T, Shoppe Express,…

How to run TikTok Shop ads effectively

The steps to set up a Tik Tok Shop advertising account are very simple. Businesses, brands or creators who do affiliate marketing for a number of businesses, when they understand the conditions to open an account, can immediately proceed to open an advertising account.

After being able to set up an account to run Tik Tok Shop ads, the seller will make videos with content Content has the ability to attract customers and convey information about the product that you are trying to market. Then attach the product link right at that video. The steps to run ads will be as follows: 

qc tiktok shop la gi.webp

TikTok Shop Ads

Step 1: The seller will choose any short video that gets a lot of traffic and comments actively to advertise.

Step 2: The seller clicks on the 3-dot button that appears on the screen and it will display many other action buttons together. The seller will perform the selection of the “advertisement” button.

Step 3: Tik tok will ask the seller to select an ad objective. Based on the main goal that the seller wants to be able to choose a reasonable target.

Step 4: After selecting the ad objective, the merchant will perform the selection of the audience that the seller chooses target (referring to the target customer group). In this section, there will be 2 options: custom or automatic. If automatically from Tik Tok will automatically filter customers for the seller, while custom, the seller can choose based on many criteria.

Step 5: Choose a budget. Here, the seller will choose to allocate the budget for each day. The platform will then display an estimate and overview table for the seller to review and sign up for. The merchant will make a budget deposit and start the advertising process.

Some notes about TikTok Shop Ads

Realizing the goal of running Tik Tok Shop ads, we see the effect achieved after advertising fox is very tall. It helps each individual or business get a higher number of customers buying products than before. Marketing Ads will give some notes for sellers to apply how to run Tik Tok Shop ads effectively.

dich vu qc tiktokshop.webp

Notice to enhance content Content

To achieve the highest amount of traffic, it is essential that sellers have quality video products. and has the ability to attract viewers. The content must be clearly verified, the videos must be able to convey a lot of information about the product as well as help the viewer to form the needs.

Use ads report within a reasonable time

Useable how to run Tik Tok Shop ads in the right times will help improve conversion rates. For example, a seller who can have content that matches current trends can run ads right away to receive more organic traffic and will be able to find potential customers more easily.

Learn how to run ads Report TikTok Shop

Before launching an ad campaign on this platform, clients will need to learn about the steps to enable ads as well as the costs of running ads from time to time on this platform to make reasonable advertising decisions.

Just like running ads on normal Tik Tok, sellers will visit Tik Tok’s advertising page Shop. Then click on register to run ads on this platform and enter the information that Tik Tok Shop requires.

The next step, the seller will enter email and check to register for an account to run ads. Then you can access the account running the ad to perform administrative steps.

You are running TikTok ads yourself, but perhaps things are not going well, the advertising efficiency is not high. Here, it is probably because you do not know how to optimize TikTok Ads for the best. If so, you can immediately refer to the following optimal techniques of Marketing Advertising.

Ad not approved

Many of you set up a TikTok ad campaign, but in the end, the ad was not approved, and could not be displayed. market.

For this case, what is the cause? Most likely you are using copyrighted videos, videos with celebrity appearances to run ads.

TikTok Ads chuan bi 2048x1536.webp

And in TikTok’s advertising policy, TikTok does not support this content type. If you want to run ads, the video must be your own, created by you or you own the copyright of that video.

TikTok Ads is currently quite strict in this clause, so when optimizing TikTok ads you also need to ensure guarantee this requirement for the ad to be approved successfully.

Make ads bite money

Currently TikTok Ads does not support to charge you for ads per impression. Everything will revolve around interactions and convert to advertising dollars.

But with this charging method, TikTok is forced to serve test ads first in each campaign. At that time, if the ad has an interaction within the requirements of TikTok, the ad will continue to display normally. And if the interaction is unsatisfactory, TikTok will begin to limit the display of ads, leading to  Tiktok ads not biting money.

huong dan TikTok Ads.webp

Optimize TikTok Ads

• Captivating promotional content: Quality video, content, message, and call-to-action.

• Exact Target: Show ads to the right potential customers.

2 this will help increase interaction for ads, help ads display well, bite good money, serve goals well.

toi uu quang cao tiktok.webp

Optimize Tiktok Ads

Ad bid is the fee you pay for each click on the user’s landing page from the ad.

This bid will be high when: The ad shows a lot but receives little interaction.

This bid will be low when: The ad shows little but interacts with the ad

Then, to lower your ad bid, you need to make sure the ad gets a good click-through rate from users.

This problem will also be solved when you ensure 2 requirements:

• Captivating promotional content: Quality video, content, message, and call-to-action.

• Exact Target: Show ads to the right potential customers.

To increase order quantity

Ads only play the role of bringing products to customers. The decision to buy or not will depend on many factors such as: Price, quality, consulting ability, care, closing orders, store reputation, quality of landing page. . . And many more.

And since many of you don’t know, just blame the lack of orders because TikTok ads are not effective . So, when optimizing ads on Tik Tok, you also need to optimize for:

• Product price.

• Landing page quality.

• The ability to consult, lock single.

• Add some more elements.

These will help increase your closing rate when you run ads on TikTok, which indirectly helps optimizing TikTok Ads becomes more effective.

toi uu hoa quang cao tiktok.webp

*TKG2## – To find the most effective ads

If you want to run long and stable ads on TikTok, you should apply testing  A/B technique . To be understood as advertising testing

Specifically: You can create several ad assets, and select a few client files pepper.

Then run a low-budget test to find the ad creative that people are most interested in, and the entire audience they are most interested in advertising.

Then combine the most engaging ad copy, with the most potential customers. You get the 2 essentials to ensure the effectiveness of your next TikTok ad campaign with a larger budget.

To *TKG1## not to miss potential customers

We are talking about remarketing techniques on TikTok. This means showing ads that follow people who have previously clicked on your ad, but have not yet made a specific purchase.

Example: Customer clicks ad, goes to landing page, adds product to the cart but have not paid for example.

Meaning that customers have real needs, but have not purchased, you need to re-exploit customers this by continuing to display ads that follow them. By advertising remarketing on TikTok.

Make *TKG1## on target

Currently, TikTok Ads is supporting 3 main advertising objectives, which are:

• Traffic.

• Convert.

• And install the app.

To optimize TikTok Ads effectively, you need to choose a campaign objective that aligns with your actual goals to ensure that your ads deliver to the most relevant audience. , ad bids are well optimized.


• If you want landing page visitors, then choose a traffic goal.

• If you want new customers to pay for your ads, choose the Conversions objective (Note: Need to install pixels, and quite expensive).

• If you want more people to download your app, select the App Install objective.

Then TikTok will partially rely on customer behavior to deliver ads. Example:

• You choose a traffic objective: Your ad will deliver your ad to people who frequently click on your ad on TikTok to go to a landing page.

• You choose a conversion objective: Your ad will deliver to people who frequently perform actions on landing pages they previously visited.

• You choose the app install objective: The ad will actively serve to people with high behavior download apps advertised on TikTok.

Choosing which items to sell on TikTok is effective A good and reasonable result is a question that everyone must be wondering. Choosing a business item on TikTok depends on many different factors, each social platform will only be suitable for a certain item and Tiktok is no exception.

Note: This post only shares 10 potential items that you can choose from to do business/sell on Tiktok and run ads. For those of you who want to make money in another way, you can learn more.

pictiktok 1

Online business on TikTok

Like other social networking platforms, business online on TikTok, the purpose is to market, introduce, advertise, and sell their products to potential customers in an online form. With a video platform, using your products to make videos will attract customers’ attention and trust more than posting product images in the usual way that makes customers not visualize the product. clear product.

To talk about the advantages of the business form This business can be mentioned as:

  • Cost saving by selling online at no cost leasing space, possibility to reach more customers due to the large number of users and high profit…
  • The demand for TikTok is increasing and popular nowadays There is no sign of decreasing, compared to google trend analysis, The speed of searching and using TikTok is increasing.

Besides, the cons are still not non-existent, like:

  • Encountered high competition
  • Lots of risk
  • If you don’t know how to market your sales, your chances of closing a sale will be low

screenshot 1648022051

Which product to choose when selling on Tiktok?

If you are a regular user and knowledgeable about TikTok social network, you will find that on TikTok divided into 2 main objects: the first is students, students aged 14-23, often like and easily pay attention to small and beautiful products, cosmetics, clothes, decorations, trend-following products… have low prices. The second audience is the wives and mothers with milk diapers aged 24-35, often prefer products related to family, home, children…

More specifically, so that buyers can decide quickly When making a purchase, sellers on TikTok need to offer product prices ranging from 200,000 to 300,000 VND.

Based on analysis of objects For your target audience, you need to choose the right sales products on TikTok to bring about breakthrough profits as follows:

tiktok logo on top of planet 512x512


Fashion items have always been popular so far People choose to do business online, this is an extremely essential and easy-to-sell field even in any social network, with a small amount of capital, but the profit is quite high.

Also, the template must be beautiful, with some emphasis that can attract viewers, because most users on Tiktok are now Z gen, and tend to buy based on emotions. So you can choose products according to the season, according to the trend, according to the needs of the majority of people today.



  • Spring you can sell Tet clothes, themed dresses…
  • Summer can sell t-shirts, shorts, swimwear,… related to travel
  • Winter can sell sweaters, coats, scarves,…
  • Sold all year round with a choice of easy-to-wear everyday favorites such as: shirts, T-shirts, jeans, skirts,… 
  • In addition to selling clothes, you can also combine fashion accessories such as glasses, earrings , bracelets and watches, etc., both sold via video and live to increase interaction.

Generally, if you sell fashion items, especially especially for clothes/clothes, the price should be in the range of 150k-900k, the best price range is from 200k – 400k.

Note: If you If you are selling products with big brands but are not genuine, it should be noted that Tiktok approves fake goods “more strongly” than Facebook, so it requires a lot of Tiktok technology and support for the product to be approved.

*TKG1## accessories

Selling accessories is very wide and diverse , this is an array that many individuals consider to be very hot when selling on Tiktok for the following reasons:

  • Suitable for most users.
  • The import price of the product as well as the selling price is not too expensive.
  • For example, phone accessories cases, the item is very sought-after, but if you choose, then you should choose xiaomi, oppo… it’s better and cheaper than Iphone.

So you should choose products that are suitable for your target audience. If you are targeting the majority of young people today, the product will be:


  • Headphones (especially bluetooth headsets, airpods) .
  • Selfie support devices, led lights, sticks selfie, phone holder, or any other accessories related to image beautification,… so this is always a “sold out” product.
  • Clock: should focus on cheap watches , but the design is beautiful.
  • Action camera: this is also the right product for sold on Tiktok with a very high demand for backpacking among young people today
  • Gamer accessories like pubg controllers …

45 cac loai phu kien mobile phone

*TKG1## food

Food is an indispensable item when doing business TikTok, especially with current TikTok users.

There are two types of food that are especially important to many users. The focus on this platform is good food and healthy food:

  • Delicious style: this is the easy one, because you are totally can refer to from many different sources, how to make your video content create an “appetite” for viewers.
  • Healthy food format: this is the more difficult form, requires you to have knowledge about nutrition, but this is also an item that attracts many young people today if you know how to combine other weight loss products or exercise packages …

However, to achieve high efficiency you should save Note the following points:

  • Selling food is all about clip making and post-recording techniques to show off the appeal of your food. Products and videos must be captured beautifully to stimulate the taste buds of viewers.
  • The video must be shot very well, be it a cooking method or have a sample of eating directly, eating more as delicious as possible, stimulating the taste buds for viewers.
  • Or if you are making healthy food, you should include the necessary nutritional indicators such as carb, fat , protein, … the benefits of eating such a diet and don’t forget the accompanying image in the video.

Note: Ad It is necessary to have adequate documents for food items that require them, so you should pay attention to prepare the appropriate documents.


*TKG1## cosmetics

Beauty is a special need after needs essentials such as eating, wearing. Along with young people becoming more and more interested in beauty,  skincare, so the need to know about a variety of cosmetics through learning videos and watching reviews on TikTok has a very high viewership.
It should be noted that in order to sell this item on TikTok you need to integrate image and audio content don’t overuse advertising too much.


  • Frequent beauty needs, throughout with products: lipstick, perfume, foundation, powder, cream, mask… 
  • Special products are always highly effective such as: acne medicine, melasma, skin whitening, …However, this specialty cosmetic product has many brands on the market today, the high competition requires you to know how to make your videos attractive and different. It will be easier to close the order.

Additional notes

You should invest in more landing page beautiful, outstanding, Full product information and as transparent as possible. Because cosmetics are products that affect people’s appearance, they tend to trust products that have all the relevant documents.

Now the video style can attract and sell well those are the video types before (before) using the product and after (after) using the product => shows the result.

10 cac hang thuong hieu duoc my pham noi tieng vhh 23 jpg 1570700656 10102019164416

*TKG1## seasonal gift

You probably also know Holidays or special occasions are many such as: Valentine’s Day on February 14, International Women’s Day on March 8, Vietnamese teachers on November 20, birthdays of parents, friends, teachers and spouses… On these occasions, the need to buy gifts is very high. high.

If you sell gift related products then you should separate the gift groups that will usually be consumed a lot on occasions such as:

Example :

  • Birthday gifts you can sell all year round like: bears cotton, cards, cute cups, small ceramic toys,…
  • Holidays like 14/2 you can step up commodity groups are flowers and chocolate. Need to refine the appearance of these products to attract buyers.
  • You should also follow and update anime movies is hot, but teddy bears in the shape of certain characters are being loved and hunted for sale.

Bo hong do phap 8 3 hoa theo mua 375x375

*TKG1## pet

Most young people nowadays really like animals and I also invest a lot in my pets. This is a potential field and must be said to hit the high demand of today’s young people, and above all this will also be a very developed area in the future because pets are increasingly loved, cared for and protected as pets. their children.

Especially pets with fancy looks and more beautiful and more attractive, although the price is very high. Along with that, it is impossible to ignore the accessories, services, and food related to pets. These things are very interested and need more investment if you are a pet business.

Example :

  • If your products are accessories and care services take care of dogs and cats, you should build your own TikTok channel specializing in pets, every day just shoot and upload 3-4 videos, make sure there will be viewers, super follow, mixed with 1 product video , the order will naturally increase a lot.

gui pet tu can tho len sai gon 696x464


Price list of tiktok services

Service marketing on tiktok

Online marketing services

Online advertising price list

*TKG1## travel

Considered as the field that attracts the most viewers in the world In TikTok, refining the image in the video is very important in this area, this is something that you should pay great attention to if you want to attract a high viewership. Should invest in the quality of videos on travel topics, beautiful places that you go through.

Once you have a certain amount of Follow, you can sell related products such as:

  • Tours
  • Fashion for travel
  • Regional food
  • Hot trending place…

In this regard you can rest assured because Building a 100k, 200k Follow channel is quite easy, and any product you will sell will sell, as long as it is suitable for users on TikTok.

ban do du lich viet nam 1 1635160718

*TKG1## home decor 

GenZ generation using TikTok is quite interested They come to decorate their houses by themselves because these young people are currently living independently, so they are easily attracted by small apartments and rooms with beautiful and sparkling decor. Being able to take advantage of this large source of users to exploit more about home decoration items for business is very potential

Overseas they make this type of content very well, so you You can search by hastag like: #decor, #homedecor or #roomdecor you can learn and promote ideas based on this

Example :

  • You can choose decorative products according to each location in the house such as: working corner, kitchen corner , bedroom …
  • This is an audience file that doesn’t want to spend too much so you also need to be careful in choosing the price even for products. Because surely there are many other competitors in this niche.

In addition to decoration related products, you The service can be extended in the following directions:

  • Specializing in consulting room decor
  • Decoration service at home
  • Decor and rent by month

y tuong decor phong lam viec tai nha 098 637739717003923347

*TKG1## home appliances

For this niche, age is not just young people Attracted, mothers and wives are especially interested in watching videos on TikTok about household appliances. Young people in addition to nowadays also love to cook and decorate the kitchen corner, so household appliances need to be invested not only in practicality but also in appearance, colorful pans or sets of pots. variety of sizes and designs is also very attractive to viewers.

Example :

  • You can sell items like shaped dishes Attractive and unique eye-catching patterns
  • Hot trending household items like fryers are not Oil is also a good choice for trending products
  • More and more housewives prefer colored widgets color you can import everyday household items with many designs 

banner ads 1200x628 NguonHangDoGiaDung 2

*TKG1## course 

This is the last item that Zafago wants to introduce to For you, online courses are now very potential and suitable for doing business on TikTok.

During the time of the pandemic as you can see now Online learning is a very hot thing and almost years ago, at this time, online learning is never outdated.

To be precise, the hottest courses on TikTok Not to mention foreign language courses and more specifically English and Chinese courses. To talk about foreign languages, you have a lot of content that can be exploited such as vocabulary, pronunciation, communication… Along with that, you can sell other people’s courses or your own.</ p>

As long as the content on your channel is simple, It’s easy to understand that when a person who doesn’t know anything can still understand it, your channel has a very high viral potential.

Example :

  • Sell courses not just language courses where you can sell online course packages such as: online marketing, digital marketing, learning to run TikToK ads, makeup, cooking,….

E learning 2

Selling on TikTok works

  • First, perhaps those of you who intend to do business on TikTok must download this application. is the phone already.
  • The second is followers, only if you are well known, other money-making opportunities new to you. You should have a TikTok account with a lot of followers and interaction by creating quality videos to attract viewers, also you can buy more followers to make the sales process go faster and stay interactive. back and forth with accounts that follow.
  • Since this is a new market, the risk is low, the cost is high.

tiktok qua mat apple va google de lay du lieu nguoi dung

How to sell on TikTok effectively:</ span>

  • Step 1Choose the right product, based on the audience using TikTok, based on the update trend, you Please choose for yourself a suitable product to be able to do business on this platform such as food, cosmetics, decorative products, handmade, fashion,….
  • Step 2: Search potential customers. You need to attract a large number of followers for your account by following celebrity accounts, commenting on those accounts to arouse curiosity, filming trending clips to make your videos popular. excel, and be a great content creator, once you have engaging content, users will definitely follow you immediately.
  • Step 3: insert the hashtag characters so that when users search on TikTok with the right keywords you set, it will be easier to attract viewers. Or you can also insert songs that are trending on the market, then your account will attract a lot of followers.
  • Step 4: Don’t forget to share your clip on social platforms other social networks like facebook, instagram to attract more traffic to your page.

screenshot 1648022085

Notes for effective TikTok promotional videos

  • When recording, play video size TikTok ads standard 9:16 image ratio.
  • During video recording, we need to fix the tripod to prevent the phone from falling or shaking hands.
  • When rotating you need to choose a layout and a sufficient rotation angle Brightness. Make the video clearer and more professional.
  • When recording videos, have natural expressions. Avoid being restrictive, forced, or “overdoing it.”
  • Moderate, natural expressions are good feel more user friendly.

tiktok logo HT 2 1596312745878 1596312759139 1598723016902

The trending TikTok video maker

Usually, creating quality videos directly on TikTok will require a fairly high level of professionalism. Therefore, you can use some additional software. Another application to assist in creating videos before posting to TikTok.

Canva: You can use directly via the online website without having to download it. Moreover, you can use Canva to combine text, play text in videos, design unique images. This software is used by many marketers,  designers.

Capcut (ViaMaker): You can create your own videos through support tools. The effects, trending video templates are also quite diverse. This application is currently being chosen by many TOP TikTokers.

Growing TikTok account, buy follow TikTok, buy TikTok account, hack follow TikTok, auto follow TikTok, buff follow TikTok, software to increase follow TikTok, etc. These are the fastest ways to increase TikTok followers, you can find instructions in this article. In addition, QCST also shared how to increase Tik Tok followers naturally for free with video content and some other TikTok advertising tricks . Watch now about Advertising price on TikTok

images 4


Hack Follow TikTok

Hack follow is to use tricks to increase thread speed number of followers on TikTok. However, an increase in the number of followers does not mean that the followers of the TikTok channel are real users, having an activity on TikTok. Because of this simple trick increasing TikTok followers this works on the principle of creating a series of virtual accounts and then automatically following any TikTok account as required.

With such auto-generated TikTok acc system, If you want, you can not only increase followers on TikTok but also increase metrics such as video views, tym, comments or shares. About the trick to hack follow on TikTok, there is a detailed tutorial article.

tik tok app

Auto Follow TikTok

Auto follow ie how to increase follow Tik Tok  fully automatic. If you want to run auto follow Tik Tok, there are 2 options including: Auto follow TikTok using software and Auto follow Tik Tok without software.

For the auto follow Tik Tok technique using software, Closed Order Ads will be introduced in the following section. In this part, we will learn about how to Auto follow Tik Tok without using software.

Specifically, to auto follow Tik Tok, just go to TikTok account with id: Charlidamelio. Then press follow & unfollow continuously for this TikTok channel. Once you can return to your profile page, you will see your TikTok followers increase.

screenshot 1648022051 1

How to increase TikTok followers with software

Tools or software to increase follow Tik Tok are tools developed from a 3rd party not Tik Tok. These tools support increasing followers automatically for Tik Tok channel.

To use software to increase follow Tik Tok This requires:

• Download setup.

• Install the software.

• Paid to use.

Then you can use these software to increasing followers on  TikTok. However, this software is not available at the moment, you can wait 1 more time.

app tang follow tik tok


Follow TikTok

Follow cross means to exchange followers on TikTok. Specifically we use the account to follow other people’s Tik Tok, and others will also do the opposite with your account.

This is quite manual, it’s not basically how to increase fl Tik Tok most effective. But it is also an original way to find the first followers for your Tik Tok account.


    1. Join the exchange to follow TikTok on Facebook.
    2. Share post topic change follow TikTok.
    3. Get followers from others and return followers.

trao doi follow tik tok 1

How to create great content on TikTok

Doing this means that you will become a bright person create video content, instead of copying and reuploading other people’s videos.

As the creator of the original video, regardless of its quality the quality of the content is good or not, the efforts are recognized.

If users are interested, they will gladly press follow TikTok account you will get more followers from here.

It’s also important as a video creator, though If other people download and re-upload the video, viewers will still know who this video was created by through your account name, TikTok account id, or the logo you intentionally inserted into the video.

So, more opportunities to reach more people when they are interested and search for accounts, press follow and follow the next videos. This is how to increase followers on TikTok from the content you create.

video tiktok goc

Schedule video posting

Regularly posting videos helps towards the following goals:

• Views remained stable and charted well.

• The video will be highly recommended to new users.

As the view index increases, the percentage of videos reaching new viewers increases, of course, the number of followers, the number of views. Tik Tok account sub will increase proportionally. In case the video produces good quality, this is how increase fl Tik Tok effective and stable.

Use hashtags on TikTok

Like many other social networking sites, Tik Tok also supports users to attach hashtags to the videos they post. You need to use this hashtag function as a way to increase followers for Tik Tok.

This makes the video easily discoverable through hashtag searches from users.

hashtag tiktok

Optimize TikTok profile


Every Tik Tok account has a profile private. And all you need to do is set up a complete profile for your Tik Tok account.

By: Add description, add link, the social network. Upload your best image.

So that when the user side they access the profile page, they will be convinced by the investment, the level of professionalism in the way of working.

When users feel like it, it’s easy to let them follow follow account. Follow increases, video view automatically increases.

Also, in the profile if use Tik Tok to If you are in business, don’t forget to add contact information clearly.

Optimize TikTok profile


Have you noticed the user accounts with images Quality, beautiful avatars usually get more followers than regular accounts, right?

Because when accessing the profile page, the user will make a decision to follow or not to follow an account based on a part of the avatar you set for that account.

So: Spend it Take some time to optimize your profile because this is also a way to increase Tik Tok followers.

toi uu ho so tiktok

Insert music into TikTok videos
NIf a Tik Tok account posts a video without sound, it will result in:

•  Video has few views.

• No one cares about Tik Tok accounts.

If so, then the goal of how to increase tym and follow on TikTok hard to achieve . Right now, every video posted to Tik Tok you need to find a suitable background music to insert into the video.

Currently, the background music store on Tik Tok is very diverse and rich. However, the most feasible is to use the music that is being listened to the most, most used on Tik Tok. This will stimulate people’s ability to watch the video.

The video is interested, many viewers will have an indirect impact on how quickly the account can increase followers or not. no.

them nhac video tiktok

Record TikTok trending videos

Trend video on Tik Tok is now appearing and changing dizzyingly continuous. Sometimes there is a trend in 1 month, sometimes in 1 week, sometimes in just a few days, there is a new trend.

Example: Trend Swan Hoa Duck, Trendy Fried Eggs Can Be Fat, Can Be Butter, …

From these trends, you can come up with ideas related video content icon. For example: Produce a funny video, or make the same video in your own style.

If the video is trending, the view will be high, profile page More views, more followers. With this approach, you direct to both goals increasing followers on  TikTok always.

quay video theo trend tren tiktok

Interact with view to increase follow

Interacting with your followers will keep your account active works better, gets more recommendations from Tik Tok.

So are there ways to interact ? Here you can:

• Reply to viewer comments under the video.

• Spend time watching, interacting on other people’s videos.

• Thank the viewers on the video.

• Increase Tik Tok heart and more.

Account works well, the more active this is is the most effective way to get many followers on Tik Tok most effective.

tuong tac voi nguoi xem tren tiktok

Comment multi-view video

This practice is quite common on Facebook, of course, You can also apply it on Tik Tok.

Just go to watch the video that has a strong tendency to increase views , then leave some impressive and stimulating comments. It is likely that some users will be curious, interested and follow TikTok.

comment video tiktok

Switch to Tiktok Pro Account

Switching from a regular account to a Pro account will It helps a lot in getting the video you post to get a lot of display suggestions. Plus, if your video content is ok, it’s a good idea that this will help increase followers strongly for your TikTok account.

Guide: Icon: user => 3 dots => Account Management => Continue => Continue => Select category => Select Gender => Verification (by code sent to sdt or mail).

tang fl tiktok

Turn off account privacy

Many users don’t mind leaving the default account private, i.e. don’t show the video to non-followers. This will significantly reduce the visibility of the video, affecting the increase in followers for the account. So make the account public.

Guide: Icon: user => 3 dots => Privacy Management => Turn off private accounts.

cach tang fl tik tok

Target to a Content Theme

If you want to build a TikTok channel with many followers, many views , hearts and comments also need to aim for one more criterion: Aim to build video content on a specific topic.

This will accomplish 2 goals:

– Build a strong fan base.

– TikTok also defines channel content themes, through which video recommendations show up when users watch related videos.

Thus, this approach also helps increase the number of people following on TikTok is extremely effective.

toi uu ho so tiktok 1

Follow other people’s TikTok

TikTok is basically the same as Instagram. This means that for newly created accounts, you can find followers by following other users.

However, here is a caveat: : You should find and follow accounts that are also newly created and have few followers like you.

Because then, the other side will know that you follow them, thanks and they can also follow you back so that the two of you become friends, can follow each other.

follow tiktok 1 1

Connect Friends On Instagram, Facebook

Usually, new to TikTok, you won’t know anyone , and other people don’t even know you. Plus, the video content you post is not really outstanding, it will be difficult for you to quickly increase your account followers.

Then you have an option other to start. That is:

• Connect Facebook friends.

• Connect Instagram friends.

• And many more platforms.

This will help you and your friends on other platforms can connect with each other, follow each other on TikTok to increase each other’s followers.

cach tang follow tren tik tok 1


You don’t know how to run
When you don’t know how to run, and don’t have much time to learn about TikTok Ads, you can choose the method Project to hire TikTok advertising agency

Doesn’t work
Because of not having much experience, as well as having too few documents to refer to. This leads to self-running will not be as effective as hiring an experienced Tik Tok advertising agency

Slow money-biting ads
Cause comes from: Running ads on personal accounts, ad content is not attractive, target is not standard, users are less interested in advertising. Whereas ad fees are charged by interaction and conversion, so most self-run ads are biting money very slowly

In short, if you fall into the above cases, you can completely consider the option of hiring a running service. Let’s advertise Tik Tok.

ttok1 1


You don’t know how to run

When you don’t know how to run, and don’t have much time to learn about TikTok Ads, you can choose the method Project to hire TikTok advertising agency

Doesn’t work

Because of not having much experience, as well as having too few documents to refer to. This leads to self-running will not be as effective as hiring an experienced Tik Tok advertising agency

Slow money-biting ads
Cause comes from: Running ads on personal accounts, ad content is not attractive, target is not standard, users are less interested in advertising. While ad fees are charged by interaction and conversion, so most self-run ads are biting money very slowly

In short, if you fall into the above cases, you can completely consider the option of hiring a running service. Let’s advertise Tik Tok.

Tips For TikTok Advertising 693201 1


With the prestige gained after years of working in the in the field of Digital Marketing, We quickly become one of TikTok’s major partners in Vietnam. Therefore, customers of  us will enjoy a lot of benefits when using advertising services on TikTok here.

  • Cheap advertising, fast browsing, big bite
  • Standard campaign setup only
  • Continuous support team
  • Priority approach to new ad formats.

Do you need *TKC## for your business?

With 72% of the Vietnamese population owning a smartphone, TikTok has quickly become an indispensable application for the Vietnamese youth community. These numbers will certainly increase as technology develops more and more strongly in today’s life.

TikTok is a great platform, great focus young people to watch videos of trending products to buy. Thanks to its approach to Western traditions, the country is increasingly modernizing and TikTok is a global platform that allows locals to see the latest worldwide product trends and search for them. in Vietnam.

tik tok app 1 1 nztb

*TKC## at Closing Company

Tick Tok is a hot trend with a huge number of App users. You can create your own account to run ads, or better yet, rent a TikTok Agency account. An even simpler solution is to hire  TikToktok advertising services from reputable marketing companies for many years. Contact us now to get an effective and budget-friendly TikTok advertising price list.

default 1

Why Rent *TKC##

Identifies TikTok as a potential business market, many Businesses decide to invest budget to run Ads TikTok but often fall into the following cases:

  • Don’t know where to start: I don’t understand TikTok Ads, don’t know how to set up and deploy a complete ad campaign.
  • Ineffective TikTok advertising: Due to lack of knowledge, skills and experience in running and optimizing TikTok ads.
  • TikTok ads bit slow: Due to using accounts the individual is not reputable, the content is dry and lacks creativity, the target is overlapping, …

Why *TKC##

  • Ad supported on high authority, authorized TikTok accounts.
  • Supported by the Agency team from A-Z such as editing video content, recharging, setting up TikTok Ads.
  • The campaign is quick to initialize and easy to optimize.
  • Test, measure, and adjust campaigns effectively.
  • A clear and effective commitment contract that customers fully trust.

Those are all extremely convincing reasons for customers to trust and choose advertising service report TikTok.

prodvizhenie i raskrutka v tiktok s nulya 696x365 1

Self-Run Tiktok Ads

If you want to find the optimized TikTok Ads technique, please refer to it right here. And this article Closing Orders wants to share with you some experiences, some mistakes that are easy to make when running TikTok ads, you can refer!



On TikTok or any other platform. To advertise effectively, you need to prepare: Budget, strategy, plan and complete process. That’s not to mention the other things that you need to do when the advertising is not effective, does not issue an application.

Currently, TikTok is an extremely hot video platform for young people, a lot of people play TikTok together. But as for the TikTok advertising channel, it is still quite new to users.

It takes persistence to make the user habit that they It is completely possible to contact you on TikTok and order when they have a need for your product. Immediately refer to how to advertise TikTok if you are interested.



Another mistake for those inexperienced Running ads on Tik Tok is the recognition that: Targeting skills determine all advertising effectiveness.

This is true but only partially true guys . Because currently, the quality of TikTok promotional video content also plays an extremely important role in advertising effectiveness

Not to mention other factors like: Quality landing page, trackability, main thing, ad optimization

Then if you target the exact target audience , you only have about 30-40% chance of success. The remaining 60 – 70% you need to optimize a series of other factors.

When the 80/100 converges, new friends advertising effectiveness can be guaranteed. So, the TikTok advertising experience here is: There are many factors that need to be optimized in parallel with targeting skills when running TikTok ads.

kinh nghiem chay quang cao tik tok 1


Agree that if you want to run Tik Tok ads, the you can learn it yourself and then run it yourself. But here what you run are the basic running techniques, amateurs, and the process of running ads does not exist

These often lead to the common consequence: Tik Tok ads are not effective

Since there is no specific procedure, when false You don’t even know where you’re going wrong so you can fix it. People who do advertising are stable, successful in the long run, they will often draw up a strategy, with plans and plans. Beneath the plans and options are pre-planned step-by-step processes

This helps control advertising campaigns on Tik Tok easily. Thus, to ensure effective advertising, you need to run ads with a process.

If you’re new to TikTok ads, then You can learn more about the ad implementation process with information shared online. Either invest money to buy online TikTok courses, or participate in face-to-face courses at training centers

Then you will probably find many experiences Experience running ads on other Tik Tok, along with exploring the effective process of running TikTok ads


HURRY TO Hire someone to run TIK TOK

Probably because:

  • TikTok ads are new, you are afraid to learn to run yourself
  • Potential customers are waiting for you, so you need to run ads now.
  • Afraid of running on your own without a prescription because you don’t have much experience.

For many reasons, you havetily made the decision to hire someone to run Tik Tok ads for you. This option is ultimately acceptable if you choose a reputable unit to cooperate with

It’s really better if you can learn it yourself, then run and optimize the ads yourself . With this option, you can be completely proactive in terms of budget, time, and running technique. . . Finally, another TikTok advertising experience is: Do not rush to hire people to run Tik Tok ads. Let’s start with learning a little about TikTok Ads before investing budget to run ads

kinh nghiem qc tiktok


Sorry, there are 2 cases here:

• Case 1: Knowing TikTok is a new potential customer market but afraid to invest advertising budget to exploit

• Case 2: Spent money to run ads but spend money in a trickle

Case 1 doesn’t say much, for the field In case 2, you will often: Spending the daily budget is too low, or if you find the ad is not effective, then turn off the campaign for fear of spending money

Don’t be, because:

• The ad needs a large enough budget to deliver to your target customers

• And ads also take time to find files your target customers.

So don’t waste your money and affect it effective advertising. In addition, for those of you who do not intend to invest in TikTok advertising, it is completely possible to consider more and choose an appropriate time.

tiktok logo HT 2 1596312745878 1596312759139 1598723016902 1

Ad Preview Guide On TikTok

  1. Get personal tiktok ID
  2. Enter ID in ad
  3. See how ads appear

TikTok, the exploding short video format application, has surpassed many popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Zoom and still ranks at the top of the list of most installed apps. With over 800 million monthly active users worldwide, TikTok is leading the social media trend. Stay on top of trends if you’re looking for advertising opportunities on the TikTok platform, as this article explores every aspect of TikTok advertising.

Set Tik Tok 2 500

Which brand should advertise on Tik Tok?

Brands with a set of potential customers

Tik Tok is a powerful and fast-growing platform that supports Helping brands reach millions of young users. According to research by Vox, 66% of Tiktok users are younger than 30 years old. If the brand is targeting Millennials and younger GenZ generations, Tik Tok is an ideal choice to make connections with the audience. your customer image.

Brand targeted at potential customers global

With Tik Tok, you can reach the scope micro-users across the globe. Tik Tok is currently available in 155 countries and supports 75 languages. As of January 2020, Tik Tok is the most downloaded app in the world based on data from Sensor Tower. The download rate reached 1.5 billion times.

Guess TikTok Hashtag Challenge Campaign 517310

Which industry is suitable for running ads on Tik Tok?

Retail and style related brands live is the best fit for the app nature on Tik Tok. Because Tik Tok is an image-oriented platform, it is good for brands that need to display products. So advertising on Tik Tok can make a big impact for the fashion and beauty, food, travel, gaming and retail industries.

However, some services or products are prohibited advertising on Tik Tok such as cigarettes and cigars, gambling, drug-related products or services, sex-related products or services… Also, other areas have There may be different prohibitions due to local requirements and culture.

If this sounds confusing to you order, contact one of our specialists and we will explain in detail.

video tik tok

Options *TKC##

Increase Reach and Engagement


1. Mid-Page Video Ad Format: this ad appears in full-screen video format on the “For You” news page. Allows users to like, comment, and share directly.

Increasing Reach and Crawling

2. Brand Takeover ad format: will display a full-screen ad (GIF/Image/Video) when the user first logs in to Tik Tok. When users click on the ad, they will be directed to the brand’s website.

TopView ad format:Is a new ad format based on the Brand Takeover format. The main difference is that the TopView ad format is displayed as a mid-page post instead of spontaneously popping in the window when accessing the app.

To Maximize Interaction with User Generated Content Ra

Branding Hashtag Contests: choose a branded hashtag and create a contest. Ads will appear on the discovery page and encourage users to create content for the contest.

To Encourage Interaction with the Selling Technical Approach Promotional Goods Or Indirect Personalization

Brand Effects: Ads will appear as branded tags, AR filters, or prisms for users to attach to their videos.

TikTok Ad Formats 404607

Ads on Tik Tok charge how much?

There are 4 auction methods you can choose from based on advertising objectives:

• CPC (Cost Per Click): only fee when clicked. Tik Tok’s system will deliver ads to users who click on them at a price close to your bid.

• oCPC (optimize cost per click) : Fees paid for Clicks that generate conversions (e.g. website visits, app downloads, membership registrations). The Tik Tok system will deliver ads to users who have generated activity at a price close to the bid.

• CPV (cost per view): Fees paid for 1000 video views ( view 2 paper / 6 seconds ). Tik Tok system will optimize your ads to collect as many views as possible.

• CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions): Fee paid for 1,000 impressions. The Tik Tok system will optimize your ads for coverage and reach.

Tik Tok ads provide 2 budgeting options : daily or full time. You can change your budget at any time throughout the campaign. The minimum budget at the campaign level is $500 and the minimum budget at the ad set level is $50.

How *TKC## algorithm works?

To successfully optimize videos on Tik Tok , you need to know how Tik Tok uses videos to reach different users based on their profile and interests. Here are the main factors Tik Tok recommends when creating video recommendations to users:

1) User Interaction: Tik Tok serves people Use videos they enjoy interacting with. Users will see content from the specific accounts they interact with the most. Aside from likes and shares, video watch-through rate is the main ranking metric.

2) Video info: Tik Tok pushes content to users who love to explore. If users often search by special hashtags or videos with special audio tracks, they will be suggested to watch videos with the same hashtag and audio.

3) Device and account settings: selection User’s language, country setting, device type are also parts that Tik Tok considers when serving content.

Tips For TikTok Advertising 693201

Trick *TKC##

Choose the right set of clients

Tik Tok offers many targeting options for you customers to reach the exact set of potential customers.

• Target audience: customers You can target customers through interests such as travel, food, pets, games, beauty, sports, entertainment…. You can also edit the customer set in the list. blocking lists, priority lists, and close audience audiences.

• Demographic targeting: you Customers can target by age ( 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 45-54, 55+ ), gender ( male, female ) , geographic location ( country/ region , state state/province ) and languages (based on application language).

• Targeting by device usage : Quarter Customers can choose target customers by connection type (2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI), operating system (iOS, Android), operating system version, retail price of the device and carrier.

Trick *TKC##

Content-orientation – Funny funny, creative and experiential

Tik Tok is a dynamic platformer with emphasis on character creativity and interactivity. Unlike other app platforms, Tik Tok is not a place for mainstream commercial ads. Your ads are connected to cultural trends and the nature of the app. Make sure the outreach is real and interactive.

To stand out in this image-oriented neefn , brands should update creatives every 7 days and implement A/B side-by-side version testing with separate creatives. If you find it difficult to manage, you can use the “Automatic Creative Template Optimization (ACO)” feature in Tik Tok, which automatically incorporates creative templates into ad formats. . The system will provide the best creative template for the target audience with highly effective combinations.

Collaborate influencers with content strategy Standard content is the key point to help push your ads to spread strongly on Tik Tok.

Trick *TKG1##

Use the right hashtags on Tik Tok

As already mentioned, hashtags are one of the key elements. The main factor that the Tik Tok algorithm uses. Make your videos more accessible and memorable. Make sure you use creative templates and related hashtags on the post. Trending hashtags can draw large crowds to content

4. Know your Tik Tok followers

It’s important to collect the right follower data and adjust your advertising strategy based on the actual situation. For example, you know your target audience’s online time so you can post content that gets the most engagement. Tik Tok Professional Promotional Accounts provide useful insights to help achieve better understanding of potential customers. You can find an account overview, video performance and follower activity through the Tik Tok Professional Analytics section.


Ability to “Shoppertainment” – Convert viewer to human Buying for businesses makes Tiktok a sales channel not to be missed in 2023

The following article is compiled by the team of Single Latches About the overview of advertising types on Tiktok, focusing on answering 2 questions:

  • What is Tiktok Ads? What are the most effective forms currently available?
  • Tiktok Shop is popular, what is the type of business advertisement can refer?

tiktok ads 8

What is

*TKC##? Why Tiktok Ads will be a Marketing trend in 2023

Tiktok Ads (Tiktok Ads) is the way you pay money to social network Tiktok to advertise your videos. From there, you increase the number of video viewers and increase business efficiency. This is a form of Marketing that helps you convert viewers to your Website, Landing Page to sell, introduce your products and services.

Especially next time 2024, Tiktok launched Tiktok Shop is one of the tools to help sellers sell goods on this social network without having to switch to another platform. This proves that Tiktok advertising is one of the marketing forms that cannot be ignored in the upcoming business plan.

Overview of 4 basic Tiktok Ads types

Tiktok: In-Feed Ads

In-feed ads is display-personalized ads in the “For You” section of the site’s news feed, where the video will bring the content closest to the viewer’s interaction needs.

Features of this ad:

Length from 5 – 60 seconds, vertical view Full screen with sound.

Optimize depending on purpose: Words create awareness to calling to download the app, such as buy now, download the app now, visit the business website! The advantage of this form is that the cost is quite good, easy to apply for brands with small budgets.

Have automatic algorithms for delivering videos to people use and manage your advertising campaigns.
Usually In-feed ads can be divided into 2 main types: Direct native ad – Used to increase views and interact with similar videos of the brand on Tiktok and Direct diversion ad – Navigate to the home page of the business.

screen shot 2022 03 01 at 13.18.02 7e9565182c854b68b2cb822b25d569e3 2048x2048

*TKG1##: TopView

TopView is the ad type that appears as soon as the user opens it app Tiktok up and can attract millions of views within 24 hours.

Features of this ad:

1 day present with 100% video muted.

Format format as link-click to increase scale Convert to Landing Page
Extremely high-end, to get to this position, the brand needs to work directly with TikTok because the number of impressions of the above form is limited per day.

The special feature of this TikTok ad format is the commitment: in a category, each user does not see 1 ad only once on the same day. More viewers, less competition.

tiktok ads top view ce5c8339b4934deaa06cd69b782b6824 2048x2048

*TKG1##: Branded Hashtag Challenge

This is a unique ad format only available at Tiktok. Users will engage with your brand by responding to videos of your challenges.


  • Usually located in Top view ads, helping you optimize convert reach
  • 6 days present in in-app Promotion at the Discover page
  • Compatible with the brand’s exclusive soundtrack for the campaign translate this.
  • When clicking on the hashtag challenge, the user immediately will brought to the homepage with the logo, website link, challenge description and featured videos. This TikTok ad is formed by two factors: creativity in brand trends and spread through influencers.

tiktok ads 7

*TKG1##: Branded Effects

From playing games, solving quick puzzles (Quizzes) or try make-up, this is an exclusive Tiktok advertisement that offers a real solution experience when using your products

  • Six days of in-app ads on Trending.
  • A page branded and dedicated to containing all both user-generated content for two months
  • Choose from a list of 45 pre-made templates to be able to plug-and-play
  • And this form will be even more efficient when bound suitable for hashtag challenge. Just think, what happens when you create effects and challenges that make customers look like they are using your product?

4 dinh dang quang cao tiktok branded effect d40d55ca572e4b67a5a977e16fcdeacb 2048x2048

3 latest *TKC## formats 2023

With regular tiktok ads, businesses often put links Landing Page for users to convert to product shopping page. With Tiktok Shop, businesses are expected to have 3 new types of advertising.

Tiktok: Spark Ads

Ads that allow brands to leverage popular content variable. Instead of trying to blindly create a TikTok-like ad. Then hope the user accepts you. Brands can now orchestrate a safer marketing strategy. Brands can now observe the spread of organic content on the platform. In particular, this feature is even more useful for the brand before deciding whether to spend money.

The music used in the ad can be accessed by the user your brand’s report or account page with the click of a button.

screen shot 2022 03 01 at 11.46.28 c21a6afefbbd437c9728062d58406ff3 2048x2048

*TKG1##: Live Shopping Ads

Ads that allow users to watch Livestream and purchase products

Users can click to watch the company’s livestream via ads report, then decide to buy through this livestream.

screen shot 2022 03 01 at 11.47.32 0a3065eaccf54863afc4a4fc09290f7b 2048x2048

*TKG1##: Video Shopping Ads

Ads that allow users to purchase products at the moment of viewing advertising

User can tap on product tags (same as 1 Call to Action card) to see the product description right at the Ad. You can then immediately purchase the product at any ad. This is a convenient point when businesses install Tiktok Shop, helping viewers not have to switch to other platforms to buy products.

screenshot 1648008764

Notes when *TKC##

  • You should choose products that are suitable for the number of customers and the lack of users.
  • Your content must be attractive, avoid duplicate content that is boring for viewers.
  • TikTok channel must be well-organized and beautiful to attract and gain trust from customers.

Tik Tok

What’s so special about Tiktok Shop?

Tiktok Shop just launched in Vietnam so there are many strange unfamiliar to users. This feature has been open at  Douyin (Chinese Tiktok) for a long time and the livestream sales industry has also blossomed from here. Many livestream kings have closed billions of dollars in sales in just 1 hour on the main Tiktok booth. This proves how terrible the attraction of Tiktok Shop is at the moment.

More specifically, for the Vietnamese market, Tiktok Shop Promising to explode in the near future. In early March 2022, this feature was officially opened but not yet known to many people. Accordingly, Tiktok is still gradually perfecting this feature and making it widely available to more users.

Special features of Tiktok Shop you may not know such as is:

  • Watch videos while shopping online without leaving the app.
  • Easy online payment.
  • A wide variety of items from many fields.
  • Show full information about prices, reviews, purchases,… just like other exchanges e-commerce Shopee, Sendo, Lazada… 
  • Beautiful interface, attractive to users.

tiktok shop la gi

Conditions to open Tiktok Shop

Tiktok allows all users of the app to be able to Use Tiktok Shop feature. Accordingly, Tiktok users will have 2 styles as follows:

  • Shoppers: Any user with an account on Tiktok can purchase products here Tiktok Shop stalls.
  • Seller – Seller: The seller is the owner of the stall on Tiktok Shop. They are also Tiktok users and can act as buyers like other accounts.

Conditions to open Tiktok Shop What is that? Let’s follow the following 2 cases:

For Brand/Merchant:

  • Has a legal entity in Vietnam.
  • Products registered for sale in the Vietnamese state-owned goods industry allowed to open on Tiktok Shop. Currently, there is no specific industry list, Tiktok will update this information to users as soon as possible.

For Creator:

  • Eligible account over 18 years old.
  • Tiktok account has at least 10,000 followers.

How to create Tiktok Shop Vietnam

To open Tiktok Shop, you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: First you visit the official website of Tiktok Shop Vietnam to register via the link https://seller-vn.tiktok.com/

tiktok shop la gi 1

Step 2: You log in your Tiktok account if you already have an account. Otherwise, create yourself a Tiktok account and then log in again! 

tiktok shop la gi 2 e1647422404539

To create Tiktok shop you have the following registration methods: 

  • Use QR code
  • Phone number/email/Tiktok ID
  • Login with Facebook
  • Sign in with Google 
  • Sign in with Twitter 
  • Sign in with Line 
  • Login with Kakaotalk 
  • Sign in with Apple
  • Sign in with Instagram

tiktok shop la gi 3

When you choose one of the above login methods, The screen will appear asking for authorization for Tiktok Shop as shown below. Now select “Authorize” and then continue.

tiktok shop la gi 4 1

Then the system will ask you to also give some phone number and email to send verification code. You fill in your email and phone number and then press → Send code. Wait for 30 seconds for the system to resend the code and you can fill in the registration.

tiktok shop la gi 5 1

When successfully registering Tik Tok shop, the system will report “Account posted” Signed successfully” → Next, select “Start selling”

tiktok shop la gi 11 1

The interface will now display the Tiktok Shop dashboard. Slidebar on the left of Tiktok Shop’s screen includes:

  • Home: Overview of the store, displaying sales data.
  • Products: Manage products (add, edit, delete).
  • Orders: Manage orders
  • Shipping: Manage delivery related issues (shipping unit, picking warehouse) ..)
  • Promotion: Create marketing campaigns, livestream, generate discount codes…
  • Finance: Managing money related issues.
  • Data Compass: A place to aggregate data from Tiktok channel, from which to help sellers make business and development decisions accordingly.
  • My account: Account profile information, booth links to different Tiktok channels …
  • Store status: Statistics of violations, warnings from Tiktok for your store.
  • Help Center: You can contact the support team from Tiktok Shop Vietnam here .

How to verify documents to register Tiktok Shop 

Next to verify your account and be able to use Tiktok Shop features, click “Download” document” in the document verification section.

tiktok shop 1 1

Next you click on “Individual owned business” owned” if you want to create a personal Tiktok Shop that you manage and not of any company. Conversely, if you create an account for a company, select the “Company” section.

Tiktok shop 2 1

In case you choose “Individual owned business” ”, the Personal Information Verification section, the system will leave the Identification Type as “Identity Card” and “Passport”. If you select “Company”, the lower part of the system will ask you to upload “Company Registration Documents”.

After you complete the information, click Submit to Tiktok browse profiles. After 24 hours, if your profile is valid, Tiktok will send a notification. At that time, the features of Tiktok Shop will be displayed on your Tiktok channel and you can start adding products to the store.

Also you can add multiple Tiktok accounts different from the role of Marketing to facilitate work management. The Marketing role will not be able to add products to the store, but other features can be viewed and managed normally. When there is an order on Tiktok Shop, the seller will prepare to close the goods and confirm with the shipping unit. The main partner of Tiktok is J&T Express, you need to be aware of this. 

Tiktok Shop FAQ

When registering to use Tiktok Shop, many users encounter many difficulties. To make it easier for you to gain more knowledge on this subject, ATP Software has compiled the most relevant and popular questions about  Tiktok Shop.

What is the “need” condition for the Channel to open the TikTok Shopping feature?

=> The necessary condition is to have Channel BA that has been active and followed over 10,000 followers.

How to manage a store on TikTok Shopping?

=> To manage product catalogs and orders, businesses must register an account on the TikTok Shop Seller Center (Similar to the e-commerce floor). This site allows sellers to upload products to their shop, edit and delete products, and view orders from their Shop.

How to pay and ship orders on tiktok shop?

=> Currently, there is no exact information about payment methods, it is likely that customers will have the option of payment methods, in which priority will be given to prepaid payments through online wallets, wire transfers, etc. Shipping is also available. Thus, there will be linked and integrated shipping units for customers and merchants to choose to ship.

TikTok Shop Seller Center can link multiple Shops (Shops on BA Channels are different) each other)?

=> Yes, at TikTok Shop Seller Center, sellers can add a list of their current Shops for general management. In addition, the marketing account (affiliate) is also linked here.